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This is kj aka curious minds. Now that I think about it, I should have called the username curious hearts. Maybe that can be changed?

I have been a member of 10 years ago but become inactive and therefore kicked out. I got reintroduced to magick in an ayahuasca ceremony 3.5 years ago, where pazuzu manifested right in front of me and stared at me. I was totally overwhelmed at that moment by his intense energy and said that I didn’t want to have to do anything with him. The years after were tough financially and it always poked at the back of my head to work with him, because I felt very unprotected against the greed of other people. I was scared to summon him until 2 months ago when I was flat broke and saw no other option in my life then to give it a try and face my fear of summoning him again. I followed the advice of baal kadmon in his book pazuzu rising for the first rituals while reading in the balg forum. Since then I feel like I’m recovering financially little by little and getting great advice from him through my carneol stone. He empowers me.

I also started to work with andromalius because there has been A Lot of money stolen from me. A few days after I summoned him the first time, I got an urge in the middle of the day to grab his sigil and do a ritual with him. He gave me very valuable insights in these shady deals and informationen, which a guy who is trying to get it back for me, confirmed. I had a feeling so see through the things, that were supposed to be under the radar and in the dark. I felt a very close connection when I held his sigil to my heart.

Just tonight I summoned sargatanas for the first time and from this meditative season, I got inspired to sign up and introduce myself and become an active member of the forum. I asked him if he can be my teacher and after I asked the question, I got a big smile and happiness on my face.

I don’t know how much is wishful thinking and how much is real, but I feel a close connection to all three gods.

I was first a bit hesitant to work with other gods, because I read pazuzu can be jealous.

Thank you balg for the opportunity and see you also in the other topics.

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Welcome to the forum.

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Hello and welcome to the forum.

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Thank you @Purple

Which methods have you tried yourself from these?

Welcome @Curiousminds :blush:

Thanks a lot. By the way I live in Vienna, austria