Introduction + Could a Demon voluntarily guide a Witch in her/his craft?


Hello, i’m new member here. I’ve been a Wiccan/Witch for about 5 years now.
Before i begin to tell the story, just fyi i have listed 9 Demons on my Book of Shadow as “Benevolent Demons For My Craft and Spiritual Growth”, namely: Buer, Phenex, Orobas, Marbas, Orias, Haagenti, Caim, Stolas.
I only listed them, but not really work with them. Well, i did meditation once on Buer around 2018. On that my very first meditation on demon, HE, Buer, appeared differently from what i had seen on internet. HE sit on the throne, HIS body is huge and human-like, wearing turkish style white cloack with golden accent, HIS head was lion, on HIS back there were 5 goat legs. On my point of view at that time, he was just as graceful as gods.
HE taught me 3 things. After that, i didn’t continue my meditation, because my inner-guide led me to not.

And at first 2019 i prayed to my patron and Universe that i wanted to develove my divination skill, and i needed i guide. Not long after that, i had a dream.
I saw a winged horse on grassland. Its wings and tail swept the ground. Its color was green. It was so majestic. I approaced it, but it ran. I shouted 'hey wait, let’s be friend"
It stopped running. It transformed into human body with wings, horse legs, and horse head. It changed again, human body with wings, human head, horse legs. Again, it now changed into full human like wearing green cloack. He invited me to shake his hand, i took His hand. It was soft and cold.
When i woke up the only word on my head was OROBAS. I did tarot reading, the tarots confirmed it. HE said, HE willing to guide me eventhough some of entities against Him. I acknowledge His kindness, i let Him to be part of my Spiritual Team. But i respectfully said that i propbably would not seek help from Him until i felt that i needed, and i allowed Him to leave whenever He desired.
Deep down, i was a bit doubt it but pretend that it was real.
Days after days, my divination skill seemed to get improved, but i hardly thought that it was because OROBAS, because i never formally meditate on Him or chant His mantra, or invoke Him to my practice (i knew nothing about demonic magick and stuffs at that time–and now still haha)…

Well, that was my stories.

Any thought?


Welcome @mageniskala It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, and tell us about their experience in magick. You have provided enough information in your post to meet our rule, so I have taken the liberty of editing your title to reflect that.

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Well, how any of them appear can be a personal thing. I’ve not had them appear in any form that I would consider truly unusual, but have read accounts of others that have. It may have something to do with previous conditioning, reading other’s accounts, etc…

Concerning your other question, that of Demonic guidance, why not? I work with a variety of Deities /Entities from different belief systems. Outside of some personal conflicts with specific entities (say, personality clashes), I’ve found all of the Deities I’ve worked with to be helpful and insightful on my personal journey. None of them had a problem with my personal belief system, but would point out if it was limiting me in some way.

I will also say that if the Deity feels that they aren’t the best resource for you for a given topic/skill/etc, they will often tell you and should point you towards where you need to go instead. In your case, if Orobas said some are against him working with you, I’d try to find out why. He may be willing to work with you, but perhaps there’s a better fit with another? There’s no harm in asking.


Learning from and being guided by demons is kinda the point of summoning them in the first place.

Because you mentioned it in your post, I also just want to say that there is no reason to limit yourself to how others perceive any spirit. Spirits have used common “myths” (as in stories or associations) about them to signal their presence to me through synchronicity, but they usually appear (if they appear visually) as something else, often with symbolic meaning, sometimes simply horrific.

Paimon, for example, will give me synchronicities involving camels because a man riding a camel is how he was described in the past (in Crowley’s Goetia, if I remember correctly). He appeared to me in a dream, however, as a beast with the wings and body of an eagle, with the rear of a lion, and the head of a dog. He was heralded by a beautiful cacophony of unnamable instruments, and he landed, protectively, on my shoulder, as I was confronted by an enemy.

Bime, on the other hand, used something a little different. There would be a moment when walking around outside when I paused upon seeing a light shining through tree branches, and I just knew that it was Bime sending me a message. In the evocation she appeared in a meadow, surrounded by naked men playing flutes. She herself was naked, but with long, dark hair, sticky, as though unwashed for some time. She carried a golden harp.

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I meditated on Buer at that time actually i wanted to experience in using HIS energy for healing, especially for animals. FYI, all along, whenever i heal animals i always invoke/evoke Artemis.
I could feel the differences between Buer’s and Artemis’ energy. And THEY also have different perspective about “healing”. On my point of view, refer to Buer point of view “healing does not always to heal until it get healed, but also liberate it from the earthly suffering”… I get it now days after meditating again on HIM, but at that moment i saw that it was my fault when the animal i tried to heal died, and told my self not to work wih Buer at the first place. Can’t blame my self, 'coz at that time i was very Wiccan and a bit naive…

For Orobas, it said that the Entities, some of them are my Spirit Team, told Orobas that HE could be hindrance in my spiritual growth, They were afraid that i would end up relying on Him (Can’t blame Them haha…)
If i was a Spirit Guide, i might do the same.

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Thank you for your sharing… That must be great experince

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Welcome to the forum, and thankyou for providing such an insightful post. I found your story to be very interesting to read. It is very good that you seem to have a good line of communication with your Patron. Hopefully this will provide you with much guidance whenever you need it.

I believe that it is very possible for an entity to choose to aid someone in their craft, as that is what happened to me personally. However, it is important to have realistic expectations of how far they are willing to help you. They can help a great deal on your spiritual journey, but the development of your spiritual side is a personal thing and requires much time and effort on your half.

Divination is something close to my heart so I very much approve of the choice to improve this skill. I truly wish you the best of luck in your endeavours.

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