Introduction - Completely broken

I am new to this forum. I was going through searches and found this forum which appealed me a lot. I was looking for some path to evil. I do not trust God any more. I am basically from India. Broken financially, mentally, bullied and destroyed in all way. Waiting for some magic to happen. I wrote to an author and he posted my story on one blog which I am discussing here.


Welcome may you have a wonderful day


Thank you for introducing yourself.

I take it you do not have any experience in magick?

Not yet.

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Wow, I really feel for you or anyone in that kind of situation. I get that your broken but don’t give up hope. I believe you are not meant to stay broken or you wouldn’t be here. Are you able to remove yourself from any of those situations you describe?
I would love to know a bit more about your situation, be as detailed or vague as you like keeping in mind what you post here is public. I believe the more your able to share the better the advice you’ll receive.

Nice to meet you BTW


Same here. I don’t know whether we should share our mail ID here or not?

I wouldn’t

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How can we do personal message here?

It doesn’t take long, just being an active participant here will earn you the right soon enough :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I really feel for you I truly do. It’s hard when life keeps on knocking us down over and over.
However I don’t think evil is necessarily what you need in your life.

Also whereabouts is the blog post found that you’ve mentioned? As I’d like to read it as I’m sure many others here would too. Are you able to post the link to it?

Keep on doing more research and you will soon find the way that feels right for you. Trust your own intuition and instincts.

As your from India you probably already know how important meditation and trance work is already in many spiritual practises such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Spiritualism and the Occult of course in its many different forms.

If you already know how to meditate well? You may find Evocation a good thing to start with perhaps? Or basic spellcraft or ritual perhaps?

However what’s important is what resonates with you on a soul level. You will know deep inside when your on the right magickal pathway for you.

I truly wish you all of the best and hope that your life gets better ASAP!