Introduction by Branca Paymon

**Good evening everyone attending this forum.

I’m Branca Paymon, simple as that.

Paymon is my royal surname, was given by King Paymon to me with his express consent and is in the civil register here in Sao Paulo / Brazil. And why is that? Because I was given to him in my mother’s belly, by my father because the doctors decreed that I could not survive so they would abort me.
So King Paymon told my father that NO, I would be born. That this soul relative to this child was someone he hoped for at times, looking for at times and so on, so my father said that when I menstruate I would be his, King Paymon (in my race from which we descend we are only considered fit for it after menstruation) ).
Of course my mother ignored that, my living father was a Freemason so he had contact with Paymon.
I’m 49 nowadays and raised by him, and taught by him, Paymon. All I know of life I learned from Paymon.
A native of Guarulhos in São Paulo, I currently live in Santa Cruz, Pernambuco, Brazil in the highlands of northeastern Brazil.
King Paymon asked me to start publishing this, our story and how much and how many times he saved my life … I’m occultist, Enkista thanks to King Paymon who set me free … I love you so much King Paymon, thank you for everything …With love

White Paymon.**


not bad very fruitful communication and help you get from k. paymon iam waiting for more on your topic since iam new here and ready to learn new thing meet new topics everyday iam from africa namibia live in the suburbs of windhoek you are welcome branca paymon

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Welcome to the forum! I’m glad to see that you’re close to him.