Introduction + Appreciation to Duke Bune

Hi Everyone
I’m a new magician about to try out his first invocation, i have been doing a lot of reading and research on Bune, I learnt this spirit is kind to humans and gives wealth, wisdom, answers questions sincerely and lots more to people that call on them.
I would like to share a quick story.
I have been in financial crisis for about 2 straight years and had to depend on my girlfriend for every monetary need. I even owe her a lot of debt.
This has inspired me to make a pact with bune.
I didn’t even have money to print the sigil then I went to a website dedicated to bune to find the offering and things needed for the ceremony/ritual… I stared at the sigil trying to redraw each line with my eyes, repeatedly and while I was doing this I called bune’s name in my mind, after few mins there was some sort of cool breeze inside the house the door opened a bit, it wasn’t locked and I could feel the breeze coming directly from the door there were no windows at the passage that lead to my room but there were other doors that opened and I could hear cause it was midnight… Then I assumed I was talking to bune and I said in my mind that I need money to buy the offerings needed, I said that more than once. That was all…
I went to sleep and had a dream-like experience whereby I couldn’t move/talk when I tried to and when I got scared it stopped. I woke up in the morning to someone offering to pay 400$ for website services that I did an advert for a month ago, I was amazed and I said this must be bune.
Now I have enough to pay some bills and get the things I need for the ritual.
I will be doing my first ritual thanks to bune for his help.



It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves and tell us about their magical experience. Since you have detailed that you are a beginner, I have moved your post to the proper section and edited your title.

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