Introduction and some experiences with Lucifer

Hi Everyone!

My name (here) is Krommer. I’m 34 yo. I’ve been practicing for 5 months now.

I’ve been working with Lucifer, I guess he chose me. First in dreams and then guiding me to books, podcasts and now this forum, which I’ve been reading in the past 2 months.

I’m in the early stages, basically training for energy creation and manipulation, and sigils. A few spells have worked so far. Little by little my confidence in my magick has increased. It takes practices and good mentor. I’m lucky to have Lucifer.

My experience with him has been outstanding and healing from previous misconceptions and prejudices about magick and the LHP.

He even corrects my pronunciation in certain situations. Through my life he has given me some words, not an enn, but something I use now for my rituals. Those are very personal, but from a language I don’t know. So I was doing the ritual, when suddenly I heard the correct pronunciation and a bolt of warm energy fell on my lap. (I know it’s le-vi-O-sa now, Lu.)

I’m still a beginner, but what a nice journey it has been.


Thanks for sharing!

Welcome! I only began my demonic journey a few months before you, although I have been practicing witchcraft for years. I also am working with Lucifer. I did a general demonic calling and it was Lucifer, Belial and Valefar who answered. I have also been working with Leviathan a lot under the “if you can’t stop focusing on this demon, they likely want your attention” rule.
I too have found working with Lucifer’s energy to be properly beautiful and educational!.
Ave Lucifer!