Introduction and questions: Enochian oe Gotiea?

Hello guys, I am Antonio,

I consider myself a curious leaner and I always really try to figure things on my own before I attempt to seek for any help.

About a year ago, I was using the pendulum for divination and things did not end up really well for me. I experienced many unpleasant physical sensation, by which the cause prevailed unknown to me up until the present moment… And by seeking clarification of what happened (or perhaps what I did wrong) led me to a deep seek of knowledge and magick work.

Well I have note practiced any spiritual evokation/invokation yet due to my past circunstamces but I feel a strong call to it (the reason why I am here today). Although as hard as I try to do things on my own, my past experience is still a barrier to proceed fearlessly.

So I was looking at some courses on BALG although I have a few questions and would like to share here in the hope that someone could bring some light to it. So here it goes…

I have been searching about the goetia and I recently watched E.A. and Orlee video (- YouTube) where they explain how Solomon was able to tap into these demonic forces with the use of the 6 rayed ring given by the angel. They also go along and explain that he was able to do that until he lost the ring possession.

My main question to understand the goetia operation is… How can we control these demonic forces without the ring?

My other question is, are we forcing than to work by the power of our divine nature or do we help their evolution by giving them tasks and the opportunity to help us in this reality?

The reason why I was mainly looking for Enochian Magick is this concept that it is in the nature of the angels to offer us help, although, in my mediocre understanding, demonic forces have not chosen the path of light for their own evolution so therefore more risk would attained in the practice of “Black Magick”

Probably what I am looking the most with Magick now is enlightenment… To light up my inner dark demons where I may encounter wisdom, prosperity, answers and cure in some physical aspects.

I also looked into the “mastering evokation” course by E.A. which I believe it could be more suitable to those aspects I am looking to develop getting into Magick now…

Although it seemed to me that Orlee’s goetia course is able to offer a great support during the course by being able to actually talk to her on a video call.

So I am really unsure on what path to follow now, I am trying to follow my intuitive thinking here but if you could help me somehow with a bit more information, I believe it would make my decicion making easier.

All the best,