Introduction (and questions about life purpose)

Greetings everyone, My name is Bruce I am from PA state and in search for help with something that I couldn’t find it in my search.
Last August I had an acceding and lost my index and middle fingers also half of my thumb in my right hand… I did seek doctors and medical stuff etc to find a solution other than the prosthetics… My job, my life and things i love to do is all done with my hands …I am sure many of you are crafty and love to do things like writing , fishing or even fix a car… I reached a dead end with all my searches and started to look for other ways to regrow my fingers in somehow. I took some time in searching the internet and text books for rituals, talismans incantations etc based on my own slight knowledge in this type of crafts but it seems that even the internet search is become limited these days by regulations so not all the search results on the internet are accessible then i remembered this website " become a living god"… i am here not seeking anything other than to fix myself and regrow my fingers I’m so willing to do what it takes… so is there anything like an invocation, incantation, chants etc etc that can help me to achieve my goal? Please help if you can show me the way. “I love myself and i just want to fix me” thank you.

Honestly, I think it would take most of an entire lifetime to learn how to regrow missing fingers, but that as far as healing and functioning, almost as if you had them still, that is a very doable thing. It sounds like you need some emotionally healing as well due to the trauma. You may have lost your fingers and your hope for what you believed was your life purpose, but chances are it’s because you have a different life purpose, that you would never find with those fingers.

Am I correct in assuming you have no magical experience or practice at this time? I ask because that as well as your rough age bracket are also part of our introductory requirements :slight_smile:

Editing your title to reflect that this includes your introduction, as you’ve met most of our requirements with it.

I do have some Sufi Knowledge and middle eastern Kabbalah knowledge but just knowledge … i did few incantations in my younger age using such as The Moon incantations, 'Ankamushia incantation and Barhatyah incantation but all these are just to do some banishing exorcism and Astor projection which I had one successful result.
As for emotional support i had a rough life which made me very independent … myself is all what I have and emotional support is very forging thing in my life and i don’t need it …my career and work depends on my fingers very much…i worked so hard for years to get to where i am now and losing all this lifelong years because of my fingers amputated is literally not a good thing… I am only looking for some way to regrow my fingers.

I did not say support. I said healing and for a reason. Be you alone and liking it that way, or someone with a family, most of us have traumas that need healing and that has nothing to do with support.

I was going to edit your title but I am out of edits for the day, so the next regular who comes a long will have to do so.

Good luck on your hunt. If you notice I didn’t tell you it was impossible, because I don’t believe many things are impossible, but to date, I’ve yet to meet a magician, including at least one with 60 years of experience, that had the natural ability combined with the dedication to their path to ever accomplish this.

I truly believe it would take a life time of study, dedication, practice as well as a strong will power and intent to accomplish this and I’ve yet to meet anyone that not only had that, but abandoned their mundane life, fully and completely enough to submerse themselves to this level of operation without going bat shit crazy due to issues with staying grounded. I do not believe that many if anyone, exists in my lifetime that will have that drive and dedication.

Good luck, I would not expect many responses, as many here will tell you it’s simply impossible, rather than being real with you and encouraging you to address the emotional HEALING that you need to become a whole man again.

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If I could edit my previous reply, I would add that support is useful, not necessary, but healing you’re trauma will be to have a full life, from the sounds of it. :slight_smile:

I would implore you, that you may be better off look for a slightly different goal.

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first edit lol

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Thank you my dear lady … and i appreciate your feedback …still I don’t know what is emotions that what kept me whole and happy …I only need a way to regrow my fingers

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Unfortunately, I do not know any way to regrow your fingers, or if it is even possible with the exception of possible growing through a mixture of stem cells and 3-D bioprinting (not sure where the science is on that one at the moment).

As to how to find self worth and purpose while having a disability, I cannot think of a better spirit to work with than Hephaestus, who is also disabled in his stories yet i wouod argue the most cunning and respectable spirit of his pantheon.


Unfortunately the extracellular matrix is only for fingertip… I know this is my reality now but i also know there is a way to reform physical appearance and altercation I am just looking for something that can regenerate them back and can’t seem to find a lot about that subject with my researches why i put it here to fined someone with knowledge of a way…

well, good luck. I’m sorry that I am unable to help with that task.


Welcome @brucewayne717

Unfortunately, there is no way to magically regrow your fingers. It takes months of practice with inner alchemy just to do something as simple as change the colour of your hair, so you will not be able to suddenly get back your fingers.

And you’re a beginner in magick, with very little knowledge or experience, so miracles will be hard to come by. I’m sorry for your loss, but as @anon97554939 mentioned, you need to focus on your emotional healing, not set your expectations on something that is highly improbable.


rebuilding your fingers wow is impossible unless there is a spirit with so much power that it is capable of materializing …
what darksnight says is true you can materialize parts of the body but it takes a long time (I would say years) to materialize something simple like hair, body parts but all that takes physical action and magic …
must act now …
but fingers materialize is practically impossible …
I know angels that heal but I have not asked if they materialize …
use the prosthesis friend is a serious option

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post data sorry I don’t speak English the translator is wrong
I said that if there were a spirit that instantly materializes a few days with its power, eg to heal burns, deep wounds, something like those “miracles” that JESUS ​​did
if it existed if it would be possible …
but I don’t think there is such a spirit …

I can’t find a living God after all a apparently… Looks like there is an extraordinary things can be happen but still limited with even regrow my fingers back… not even an inch… the point of giving up

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I’m sorry, as I already stated, I don’t believe anyone exists currently that is capable of what you seek.

But you can be a whole man again, with a life purpose, someone who owns this life, instead of someone who lets the past own them.

I can’t choose it for you, but you can. Even gods, have scars my friend. Ti-Jean Petro comes to mind, The dwarf with one leg, the most powerful of magicians they say in the Voodoo Books. Yet he only has one leg.

I have permanent lung damage. I will never be fully physically well again, yet I am happier today, than I ever was, when my lungs were as good as everyone else’s. My life’s purpose is greater than I ever could have imagined, more fulfilling than anything I’ve ever done and yet, I never would have found it, if I’d remained healthy.

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Have you ever considered the Extracellul matrix injection… I read somewhere it can regenerate the damage tissue my dear friend… It does really works for internal organs more than the external… that’s what the doctors of upmc in Pittsburgh told me… They are the same doctors who discovered the extra cellular matrix therapy

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Very Wise statement… I love my job and my career because I was doing something, made changes in others lives for better and made some kids lives safer overseas… Can’t talk a lot about my job but I really made good changes in many kids lives that no one made them for me when I was a kid… it’s like a life forever mission that gave me so much peace in my life etc… We all chose what we can become and that can take a hard work… my only option is to do second toe to hand transfer surgery in order to get some functionality back…it won’t be whole a lot but 50% to 65% which it’s better than nothing so that’s the hard work I have to do now to get back to my duty

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