Introduction ( and my experiences with entities)

Hello, I am fairly new the spiritual world. Besides meditation, but i have a few occasions where i felt as if an entity is around me or following me or Harmony in some way. When I was younger I went to the hospital one time because I felt as if someone was pushing down onto my chest really hard and I couldn’t breathe so I went to the doctor but they look to see what’s wrong with me it was nothing. Later on I also had the experience of waking up with scratches in random Burns and bruises on my body. I started attending church when feeling uneasy and meditated more. At times when my depression gets bad I feel as if something is around me or watching. Other people around me have seen and felt the presence of different entities around me. When I really little I played an Ouija board and left mid talk and thats when my depression started getting bad. That’s when I started to feel presence of several things around me. I never got a name, but I got answers from them. I didnt think much of it at the time. But the more ive looked into it, it seems as if ive had a entity following me for years. The idea scares me.


Thank you for doing an intro and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

welcome to BALG . and theres a thing called blind evocation. ive never done it but there is a lot of information on it on the forum
i wish you the best of luck in your journeys


hi n welcome ive never used a ouji before n it seems like your dealing with some pretty heavy demons you can look around on here and see what you find do a banishing and purifacation as well you can also speakk to them n see what they want those are the only advice i can give you

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