Introduction and misteries about my life

Good evening everyone!

My name is Maria Flor, I’m from Bolivia, but currently I live in Brazil because in my country of origin employment is rare, Brazil is better for that and we have more freedom here.
Well I was candomblé but I was very disappointed with the saint, and I am studying Satanism because I want to agree with Satan and then find some demon willing to teach me or guide who knows if anyone is interested in teaching me.
Now I have cruel friends, and these are:

  • If I agree with Satan or another demon, can I continue working with my exu and pombagira? I love them and they are very good to me, they are faithful and honest with me and I have clients that I attend and their work in progress, so how is it?
    We have to be responsible to customers, I think.
    In other forums I was told that if I agree with demon or Satan I should forget about exu and pombagira, then I get worried because my clients trust my work, understand, because they have great results with me, can someone guide me?

Another question:

I’ve been reading this forum, and found answers to a case that happens to me, and that’s how:

When I was about 10 years old I was playing normally like any child, then he gave me a light in the eyes, like a light bulb when it bursts, and I saw a man of about forty years old, that is, very mature, very serious and said that it was his and that one day I would go back to him … But that was it.
I don’t know if it was loving, familiar, business, I don’t know anything about it.
He had the appearance of an Arab, in those Bedouin clothes, but one day I saw a hereditary propagandized film about king paimon, and there was an image of him there. Then I looked right and thought:
This King Paimon … looks like the man of the vision but he has a problem here, because the man of the vision did not have a crown on his head, and seems to be older than king paimon … I even played with myself thinking you will see that he is related of king paimon, an older brother or his father who knows?
This man has always accompanied me and protects me, everything he says to me correctly, he has never deceived me in anything, only that I only saw him once today I listen telepathically.
I asked him if he was king paimon, so he said no, but he said that king paimon knows who he is, because he is not famous as Lucifer or king paimon, on the contrary he is not popular so he told me.
I only know that I try to find out who he is … It’s like a bet, I don’t know, a charade once came a name in my head, because I had the audacity to light a candle for King Paimon and I asked him to show it to me or help me if I deserved this help …
What king paimon showed was a name in my head that was very clear and sharp: SHALEM.
And nothing else. Does anyone know that name? Is he a demon or what? Why does it look like twin brother of rei paimon being older?
Someone help me please.

Welcome @mariaflorzinhalux

How long have you practiced Candomble?

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Shalem - Wikipedia

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Hello @mariaflorzinhalux, welcome to the forum. :wave:t5:

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Blessings @mariaflorzinhalux :blush:

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@Darksnight, good night.

First of all, if my English is wrong, I’m sorry, because I don’t speak English so I use the Google translator.
Well I started at Jeje Mahi in 2003, having been made for Xapanã / Bessem, because I am Ori meji so I have two orixás in Ori.
But I ended up getting tired of candomblé because honestly no one else respects Orixá’s foundation, it’s becoming a trade, in short, I’m tired.
I am also initiated in catimbó / jurema but I must confess that I did not need a terreiro to have my guides, they “took” me at home, and never gave me any trouble … I just find one thing interesting: my pombagira when the first land came once, she gave the name of Queen of the night, and years later when I joined a terreiro the mother of saint said that there was no Queen of the night and that my pombagira is maria molambo … You have heard of pombagira Queen of the night ? Can I be a Satanist and work with them? Can you help me?
Thank you for responding.

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Only Queen of the Night I know of is in Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”. I know that Pombagira is a category or type of spirit in afro-brazilian sincretism.

You can work with different pantheons at the same time, yes. You can work with angels and demons at the same time, for example.

In any event, I’m not sure if there is even ONE satanist in this forum, or at least I don’t remember reading anyone saying they’re satanists.

But yeah, you can work with several pantheons at the same time.

And if you’ve problems with the language, just feel free to ask me, I speak Spanish.

@Keterya, good night

Thank you for answering me and I confess that I cried a lot when I read the text you recommended. So Shalem really exists? !!! So I can believe that King Paimon who blew that name into my mind … gee, this is so important to me. It is because you see I am a simple woman, I live on domestic work, in short I am really sober and I am not ashamed to admit it, and honestly I lit this candle for King Paimon but thinking that no one important that even he would deign to answer for a maid like me … I am so grateful that he cared about my request, I don’t even know how I thank him …
As for Shalem, believe me he always helps me and gives me good advice and if I am not better in life it is because I do not listen to him.
Shalem helped me get here in Brazil, so everything was better for me. Now I want to learn about my powers and I want to know and learn so Shalem showed me this forum, said that here I had a chance to learn things that would develop me in the occult. Is Shalem a demon too? It will be because he said that King Paimon knows him … Thank you for answering you saw, Hugs.

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Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience.

I’m sorry, but I don’t know much about Candomble. If the spirits require absolute devotion, I would say no, you cannot work with other pantheons of spirits.

However, if the spirits do not require religious devotion, then you should be able to work with any spirit you feel drawn to without offending them.

My advice, would be to ask your spirits if it is okay to work outside of the Candomble system. Sometimes, what the humans think what the spirits want, and what they actually want, are different.


Good night, and thanks for answering me.
I am happy to be here and to be so well received by you who answered me, I hug you very tight.

Good night to you.
Thanks for you and blessed be you too!!!

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No problem. I can’t comment specifically on your case, as I don’t work within any religion or preset paradigm, but I do work with the spirits of the Loa, and I have worked with Pomba Gira in the past, almost two years ago. Somewhere in my notes I have her specific name, but it took me days of research to find reference to that specific one. I’ve also been approached by Orisha’s in the last few months so, I agree with @DarkestKnight that asking the spirits you work with directly, is probably going to give you the best and most accurate answer for your situation.

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Welcome to the forum @mariaflorzinhalux I hope you find your path !

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