Introduction and Help

Greetings Everyone.!
Im a newbee into the Magick domain.
Being Honest with everyone on the forum, I have zero experience in Magick. I got fascinated by this field as I am desperate, in need of help in a relationship matter. And have no regret in being honest and admitting about my reason of getting into this domain. Its a failed relationship.!
Im in a stage where I have no clue about what I must do.
This just being a introduction.
Any great being, willing to guide me no matter what your advice is, would be really helpful.
Thanks. And regards.

Welcome to the forum, there is lots of advice on this topic, they seem to occur daily round here. Do a search in the top right and they’ll all pop up.

Thanks for briefing me. :blush:
Thing is I have a few particular aspects to get a clarity on. So wanted to talk with someone who has been on my place.
Anyways. Ill look into the search column. Tysm

Well put it out there and lets see who steps forward with the solution to your problem :slight_smile:

Hello welcome

Hey brother.!

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum.