Introduction + Advice on King Belial?

First, I would like to formally introduce myself. I’m Anna Marie and have experience with astrology, tarot, and divination. However, this is my first foray into the occult. I would like some advice on King Belial. I’ve been invoking him for the past three days. The first time I offered him alcohol, bread, and meat. The second and third time, just drink. My alter is humble and not as decorated as most, but I do have two red candles with a respective sigil and incense placed in between. I have a programmed pendulum I use for my divinations and used it to communicate throughout all sessions. I do lbrp before and after…as well as my own variation of a license to depart. I received insights from him - mostly about his characteristics associated with his power, the magnitude of what he can do. So, the invocations have mostly been me asking questions I’m interested in him answering, which he has. A few things I noticed were intense heat all throughout my body while I was going into trance with his sigil…as well as a strong sensation entering my spine…I felt as if I were slightly sea sick on a rocking boat…nothing unpleasant but very interesting…all while chanting his enn. I also felt a shift in the room and would hear things being tinkered with for a few seconds. Today, I came to him with a very personal situation and could not help but let my tears flow freely…I explained to him that I sought him for strength and that I would sacrifice a personal aspect of my life in order for him to show me his power and make something specific happen… something that would be a huge life change for my benefit. My question is: as long as the interaction was sincere, serious, and I mean to keep my word, is that enough for the King to bring about the change I seek? Or is this seen as subpar and would I need to do a proper evocation and written pact in order to experience him and his gifts? I’m rather new to all of this and invocation to me is more of an intuitive process aside from the base requirements. I’m reading about evocation and the like currently. Thank you for your time. I wanted to wait for the timeline to play out, but I’m far too curious not to inquire about what I ponder.


What you did there sounds like it was fine. You don’t need evocation to visible appearance or a pact to get something done.


I have just started invocations with Belial, have to admit I was a bit scared to do it for awhile, but im actually very impressed with his guidance so far. Wish I could tell you more.


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Sorry, but this makes no sense. Astrology, divination and Tarot are part of the “occult.”

How long have you practiced?

PS: This is not the correct place for an introduction so I have moved this and edited your title.

Thank you.

Thank you very much for your input, Faustus.

Sure. It would have been more appropriate to state that it’s my first time working with entities.

I have practiced the aforementioned for six years.

Western, Vedic, and Draconic astrology. Regarding divination, it’s mostly via cartomancy: tarot, oracle, lenormand.


I have more experience with King asmodeus, but I can tell you that the heat sensation etc, is something I’ve experienced with King Belial as well. However I only felt all that in the very beginning, before I became more acquainted with Asmodeus, I know they’re each one of the demon kings, I’m hoping that Belial will become as easy to communicate with as asmoday, but his energy is a bit more intense, and it hasn’t changed much since my first time invoking him.


Can I add one more thing? He seems to be a bit particular about having a nice altar set up for him, I have to keep everything nice, clean and very neat in its place, and added some things. Funny that he rejected my first cut of beef. So I cooked some quail from our hunting trip, and cooked a cut of organic beef, rare, and placed it on altar, with a glass of guiness stout. The wine, he was critical of, and it wasn’t a cheap one lol, my first meal he didn’t approve of, but second one, he did.