Hi all,

So my name is Mercedes and I have been member for while, I’ve been following in silence and reading about all fascinating topics going on.

I am very much interested in black magic, have been doing my research for while now.

I’m new to this so would like guidance how to safely practice spells, invoke demons etc… and appreciate any help regarding my new found interests.


Welcome Mercedes :slight_smile: so would it be safe to say that you have had no magical experience as of yet?

Yes that’s right, I would love to learn the robes and how to actually do magic, I’ve tried but obviously have no real outcomes maybe I’m doing it wrong lol

Read the book of Azazel by EA koetting, there’s a lot of really good Insight in that book, and the first lesson that I can tell you is that you have to know, not wonder, and not fear, know that you have the power to do these things.

The second lesson is to not worry about the result. If you cast a spell to kill your ex, and you obsess over the result, you’re going to be feeding a lot of negative energy into what was, at one time, a very potent idea. And you will cause your own failure.

The final lesson that I can give is to Simply acknowledge your own inner power.

Not trying to be your teacher, and I certainly am not trying to be your guide, just believe in yourself, speak your intention to the universe, and realize your own inner power. You do those things, and Watch What Happens.

Thanks, I look into that book

Hi and welcome @Mercedes_Ivy :wave: :blush: You’ll find a wealth of information here and I’m sure you’ll soon be able to become great at magick.

Thanks, can’t wait… super excited

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