Introducing who I am

I believe I introduced myself in another discussion but not in great detail so I’m just going to re do it here. My name is Seth but you can call me Damian. I consider myself a pagan but still dwelling on if i’m a satanist or something else. I practice black magick and some white magick. I truly believe that to have balance in oneself is to accept your dark and light aspects. To engage in darkness and light to better know and experience it. I have dealt with mental illness most of my life. Ranging from depression all the way to self harm and starting to develop anorexia. I’m not here for a pity party just here to explain who I am. I currently live in Muncie Indiana. I think what drew me to this path is to find inner strength and expose the bullshit Christianity teaches us. I want to better understand demons and eventually work with them. Oh and I’m gay lol. Thats pretty much it.


How long have you practiced?

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I have practiced for about two years or so

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