Introducing people to real magic

So a few weeks ago. I informed my friend that I was interested in magic and that I actively practice magic with varying success. She was one of my more open minded friends and I thought it would be an idea to practice together if she was ready and compare notes, because nothing teaches like real life experience.

Unfortunately her reaction was not what I hoped. She basically said she didn’t understand as to how one of the most scientifically minded and intelligent people she knew could believe in the fantasy of magic

I explained that science and magic could co-exist but my friend wasn’t interested.

Have you tried to introduce a friend or family member to magic in real life and how did it work out?


“But he is the most intelligent guy of the class!”

However, she probably believes in very silly stuff that she personally doesn’t consider faith, nor religion, nor magick, nor even hope.

Some wanted to join me, others are still scared of it, others value how good it has been for me, others respect what I do, others don’t care

I have but it was with more spiritually inclined individuals so it was no big deal. It turned out one of them was an in the closet Thelma magician who I ended up flooring as he thought I was not interested lol

Thank you for your considered answer

I think it’s always difficult to know who to introduce magic too. Given that we are in the month of June I’ve always equated introducing someone to magic as the equivalent of coming out in a sense.

No disrespect is meant to my fellow LBGT+ BALGers by the analogy

True. Being more spiritually inclined is a factor I think. I suppose magic is still misunderstood despite it being practiced for centuries.

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Wen tey bcame exceptic i offer to buy a quija bord or gimw 2 weeks whit teir hair. Tat make a point. Bcse i wnt say wat i do whit it then tey bcame believers.

Did you introduce them to Zozo?

I made the mistake a few times when I was younger. I’ve worked in Science and IT for most of my adult jobs and didn’t tell any of them about it. Once I realized I don’t want their approval, I lost the urge to tell others.

I agree. Sometimes it would be about approval. My approach to telling my friend was simply I want to practice with someone and compare notes in real life and doing so will help me become a better magician

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Only the unwanting soul truly sees.

The ever wanting soul sees only what it wants.

-Tao The Ching

A good tack is to keep it descriptive. Recount the practice and belief in historical context. See if it elicits a scoff or interest.

No need to apologize since I don’t understand what you mean :sweat_smile:

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Love the quote.

Yes I did try the scientific approach and explained how magic and science co-exist. Maybe I should go for the historical approach

For some reason the idea of saying to my friends “OMFG Jesus/Mohammed/God/insert religious figure here were all badass magicians” just for shits and giggles popped into my head while typing.

What I meant was June being pride month and how coming out as a magician could be equated to coming out as gay, bisexual, lesbian or transgender.

Americans have a month about homosexuality?

Not just America. It’s now worldwide. Some people even split it into Summer and Winter Pride to go with the seasons

In my country we don’t have it, we just have a day of gay pride that is monopolized by a sector of public opinion

Yeah there is a specific day for the pride parade but corporations use the entire Month. I’m not American either so it might actually be different in America lol

Seriously, this is the first time I read about such thing, I always thought that everybody had a day and that was it

Where I live the company I work for has been doing gay pride events the entire month and so has numerous other companies. Our email signature even changed to a rainbow symbol for the entire month. It’s a really big thing. I even went to the gay pride parade last year as part of it. It was fun.

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Going back to your analogy, where I live is easier to come out as magician than to come out as gay, mainly because gayness was something transversally despised, and then become property of a sector of public opinion, while being a magician is something that is somehow in the culture and it’s actually not that weird to people