Introducing myself

I’m very excited to begin furthering my studies and such. My name is kyler, I am 22 years old born 4/25/97

I work with Solomonic spirits of the Are Goetia, and am hoping to make some friends here. I do lots of entheogenic work and incorporate that into my spiritual philosophies. I’ve never really met anyone like me.

Glad to be here, thank you for having me. I hope to learn a lot here, so far I like what I’m seeing.


Welcome !! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to the forum, Kyler. Looking forward to interacting with you on future threads. How long have you been working with the Goetic spirits?

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I’ve worked with King Bael since 2015, he kind of came to me when I was interested in elemental spirits at the time, I was reading The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly Palmer Hall and went to sleep and had a dream of being approached by Bael on a Persian looking chariot but it was being pulled by Lions, but have been working with Dantalion and King Paimon in conjunction with one another while strengthening my relationship with Luciferian energies.

I’ve had many cool things happen as a direct result of working with these entities, King Paimon has been a heavy influencer I’m my life as of late, after Halloween (Bael season), King Paimon reached out to me and let me know that he would like to do some sort of business with me in the very near future, so wish me luck on that.

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Welcome to the forum kyler! :slight_smile:

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