Introducing myself

Hi everyone,

My name is Juan, I’m from Colombia, actually I’m a frequent reader of BALG forum from at least one year.

I’m getting started in the LHP since a year, and I hope my participation and arrival to this forum could be beneficial either for me and for other.

For reading, thank you

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Welcome to the forum! What topics are you most interested in?

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Hi, thanks for the reply.

I’m actually interested about the qliphot, goetia, alchemy, Nordic tradition, astral travels, astrology, etc.

I am very fascinated with magick by it’s potential for making you the best version of yourself, making you your own God and achieving your dreams by yourself (without leaving a side the help that entities can bring into improve different dimensions of your life). I know it’s a lifetime work for empowering yourself. :slight_smile:


Welcome @J_Pollux😊

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Thank you @anon35721968 :slight_smile:

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I love your views on magick, resonates very much with my own teachings and experiences. I also commend you in realizing this early that it’s a lifetime work, so often people in today’s society want quick results or else they consider it a failure and move on only to repeat the cycle.

I know you’ll find the next pieces to the puzzle of you in this forum :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your reply, the welcoming and sharing your thoughts.

In LHP is allowed to achieve mundane goals trought magic, however I firmly believe that the entities want from us to become so wiser in order to solve our lives from our own effort, and dislike the “quick solutions” attitude.

I hope to learn a lot in this forum and I’m actually beginning this learning and insights sharing with forum’s people.

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Welcome, Juan. That’s a really cool profile pic; and good luck with your LHP journey.

Would you by any chance know what indigenous magick Columbians practice? @blacksnake

Thanks for the welcoming @anon59886753

Well I don’t know quite well those practices unfortunately, however I’ve experienced Ayahuasca journeys here in my country and those are very chaotics, at least my experience were of that kind.

Based on the list I briefly skimmed through on a wiki, Columbian traditions are heavily influenced by lesser known Native American mythology.

Not that you should be choosy, but I’m a little surprised you’ve opted to follow LHP instead, and that you’re unfamiliar with Columbian spirituality.

Yeah you are right and this is a task that I must complete, specially having the opportunity of contacting those traditions directly, unfortunately there are a lot of business behind the serious practices, but it will never be a reason for not to research