Introducing Myself

Hello everybody, my name is Nick and I’m new here. As of now, my primary focus is simply learning to astral project, and I’m reading Robert Bruce’s Astral Dynamics in order to help me achieve this, before I begin to move on to anything bigger. I’m also practicing semen retention in order to build myself energetically (and I’m only about nine days in, but I have noticed I’m not tired all the time anymore.)

Subjects I would like to look into when I move on are Luciferianism, the Qliphoth, Vampirism, and possibly Draconianism. My biggest goal right now would be immortality. Not physical, I’ve never really been a materialistic person, but moreso spiritual immortality so that I can continue to exist after death, hence the interest in vampirism.

I hope to have good experiences interacting with the community here, good day to all!

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Do you have any practical experience in magick or are you a complete beginner?

Thank you, unfortunately the environment i live in (which won’t last forever I assure you) is rather restrictive so I’m unable to practice magic in the physical plane. However, I do remember reading something about creating an astral temple, where you can supposedly practice magic there and it will have the same affect.

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Yes, astral magick is a thing :slight_smile:

It also doesn’t require full on astral projection, just visualisation, so if you are interested, search for “astral temple” in the search function. There is a good tutorial available.

Oh, interesting, thanks for telling me that. Would you like to link me to a particular guide or will any of them do?

Hm…I can’t find it.

@Lady_Eva, am I mistaken in thinking you made a tutorial on building an astral temple? :thinking: