Introducing Myself!

Long and behold, my name is Kaden! I’m currently in school and working towards being a psychologist. I live in Muncie, Indiana and currently am living at home with my parents.

I am a wiccan, with mixed beliefs of satanism. I practice more of grey-themed magick; such as black magick as long as it doesn’t cause serious harm (physical pain, mental pain, etc) and white magick (healing, worship, earth, god, goddess).

I spend my days outdoors and solitary, I am mixed in practice as one who cleans the earth in solitary and in a coven.

I have been practicing for a few years and have discovered myself to be into the fae, along with hedge jumping and eclectic views. I use the TheBan language to write my spells and have connected myself to a few spirits (i prefer not to name).

I have experienced with dybukk boxes, voodoo, hoodoo, and poppets.
I also work with crystals and many various herbs.
If you’re curious to know of me, feel free to ask below.

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Welcome to the forum

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Grey huh?

What got you interested in the forum.

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Personally, I had a friend who use to use the form by the name of Seth. He left a while ago, but recommended for me to join into it earlier this morning.

Cool, what did he think you would gain here?

He said it might help me find new ways of craft, such as summoning and just ideas for a few spells. He aid its also a good place to post questions to help me find new herbs, information, crystals, and things along the lines of that.

Well I would start with the search function, but not sure what you may find to help you. There’s so many hidden nuggets here and people from all walks of the LHP, RHP and everywhere in between.

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Haha, well it surely will be an adventure to learn about other people and a few things to help me through. Thanks for the advice though!