Introducing myself

Hello everybody. Since I am officially here, I figure to do the neighborly thing by introducing myself.

A little about myself; I like to draw, and summon spirits particularly, daemons.

I am at a crossroads with certain things such as wondering if one can be truly happy and successful by traversing the black arts like so many western pop authors are advertising or is the black arts an inherent gift to be divined by those who are meant to walk it and nothing more. It’s different for everybody; that I understand and respect but for me, whenever I try to be successful in modern affairs, it backfires unless I ask, pray and give gifts to those forces around us; a more homeopathic approach which makes sense because the spirits are real and not figments to be directed and used, no matter how good it sounds; right or wrong?

So what I have to do with EA Koetting and his work; primarily here at his forum is that although I find him at times to be of a questionable character, one thing that I have always liked about him is that he tries to be straightforward and honest about his failures just as much as his successes. And there’s a sort of allure that charms me with his approaches.
So since he’s taking a big chance with his reputation this way, I figure why not. I could use improvement.

I don’t expect to be a living god per say, no, that title’s too boisterous but I do expect to work hard at pushing myself forward to live how I want to live and in that itself is reward enough for me.

I hope to make some headway here and it’s a pleasure meeting you all.

Hello azazm333, Welcome to the forums.
Have you read EA’s first book, Works of Darkness? If not, I deeply recommend doing so, for it’s like the first steps, the beginning, and I believe it might answer some questions you are having.

Azazm333, you already ARE a living god; you cannot un-inherit your Heritage…some things are true whether you believe them or not. Look at it this way: with the advent of instant, world-wide technology teachings, texts & the doctrines of secret societies have come to light. That’s the foundation of whats going on in ‘human consciousness’ right now. We are discovering that everything we knew - about ourselves, our origin, our role in Life - is not ALL there is to Know. For generations people have built their lives around the assumptions that (1) what they knew was true AND (2)that they knew everything. Not so. There are many ‘paths’ to learning how to be MORE you - the black arts being one of them. If the black arts is too far a stretch for you to embrace; if you feel more attracted to, say, Native American spirituality, then go there. But know this - What you will find, inevitably, regardless of the path you select is this: they ALL come round to Magick eventually. Every single one. So enjoy the Walk, and stay with us awhile. You matter.

So this thread’s old.

Old as balls.

Old as those walls.

Goddamnit Sevarn! Why are you resurrecting this old shit, I I wanted to see this I could have read it on a cave wall.

“If you wish to know peace, you must come to know pain.”

I pain others by resurrecting this old shit.