Introducing myself

Hello everyone !
I am glad i found this beautiful forum here and there are so many interesting posts and people!
I lived in Germany but now i am in Asia.I believe a lot in supernatural powers, magic and witchcraft.Hope to make new contacts here and guidance to this new world…thanks.


Please tell us a bit more about yourself.

What magick do you practice? If you are a beginner, what magick are you interested in?

I dont practice any magic for now.I am coming from the islamic part of magic. I know how to read their writing, i know which verse helps for what problem etc. But i need something more powerful,something more intense for myself.Because i ve been caught up in problems all my life but i feel there is a reason why - i feel connected to that world of magic and witchcraft. I interested in Voodoo and Hoodoo basically.But it seems like having a voodoo priest is important,for me that is very difficult to arrange, so i am kind of feeling hopeless now…

Thank you very much for expanding a bit on your experience and welcome to BALG! :slight_smile: