Introducing myself

Hi my name is Michael in english , I am new in this , but i believe in spirits , i am not scared , and i respect all of them , my goal honestly , is a sort of 2 things , i want power , but not only to enjoy my life and to have money and etc… , I want to balance this crap world , you know i see really bad things
But i think when i was a little kid 4-5 years old i had an experience
My experience:my mother and grandma were at the church in a night , i woke up feeling something is not ok , I turn on the light and in that moment i saw a black some but very dark , that entity try to force me to go in the smoke grabing me from shoulders with an invisible power , and since that I was a little scared about dark , until 2 years ago when i start to believe and not to be scared honestly ,
I want to really contact a Demon to guide me , i think the Lord King Paimon is the right because i am new ,feel free to comment



Thank you!