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Hello well I’m not exactly sure what I should say. I am a Christian with interest in magic, the occult, etc… I’m more or less here to learn from different points of view of those who follow the left hand path while. AND NO I’m not going to throw you under the bus saying follow Jesus or burn for eternity. I have my path and you have yours we can compare and contrast about the hierarchy of them, the history, and how they affect our day to day lives. Hope this gives some insight.


Welcome to BALG.

This forum is a place for all kinds of magicians, and while the majority of us are black magicians on the Left Hand Path, we also have Christian magicians, and Kabbalah magicians, and those who work exclusively with angels among us, so your views do have a home here. :slight_smile:

Do you practice magick?


@DarkestKnight thanks and I didn’t know that those types of magicians were here as well. I don’t practice what I think of as “magic” (sigils, invocation).
The point of view that could be magic is prayer/spellcasting because to me they’re almost identical.


Welcome to the forum! No judgement here :hugs: I myself make my own path! Left right up down and spiral!


EPIC path to travel. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:



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It doesn’t matter if you’re left or right, up or down, all are needed for the Konami Code.

Slava Bogum


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