Introducing myself

Hello everyone I’m an early apprentice magician with very little experience under my belt, I joined the forum to hopefully meet create, and bond with magical friends for lack of better words.
I’ve been training for about 3-4 months I prefer to work with demons and deities I’m currently working toward working with demons without the use of circles and divine names I mostly use GOM books for any magick that I do practice that I do. Hope thins was insightful!

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Hi, welcome. I wish you luck on the journey towards your goals. (:


Much appreciated!

Welcome @Apswanson08

Where are you from?

Welcome to the forum.

Ohio hbu?

Thank you!

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The Wet Coast of Canada :slight_smile:


Niceee what kind of magic are you into?

Actually I have a question have u heard of entity’s leaving statues for people?

I’m originally from Indiana, so not far.

I’ve heard of and had them leave other things. I got some peacock feathers in Hawaii, for example, after asking for one for a friend. I ended up with over a half dozen in six months when I had only found one small one at the facility for the two prior years.

Hi there @Apswanson08, welcome to the forum. :wave:t5:

Welcome to balg

Oh okay yep I recently got an owl from Athena in my room but idk how to talk/ interact with her more do I know her powers any advice

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Some people interact with dreams. That doesn’t work for me, but does for plenty of other people. You should ask for it, if you feel inclined. You can use the simple petition ritual in the tutorials, if you’d like. I don’t have the link on this device or I’d include it.

Search for ways to communicate using dice, tarot, etc…

The “gold” standard takes a while and isn’t always a “given”. Everyone says to train. the clairs, but training them takes time. I did it in the pre-Internet era (not k owing about evocation, to be clear) using old books about training psychic powers and similar. I also used to do self-made exercises to feel plants, trees, and similar. This actually helped train my clair-sentience. I could sense and see spirits as a child, but didn’t pursue it, since I lived in several " haunted" locations and that scared me.

Flash forward a few decades. I’d done some taichi and chigong with an instructor that wasn’t all fluff. My Clair work made it much easier. But a spirit was calling and I didn’t know how to interact with her properly.

Sensing my environment meant I could sense changes in it, which meant I could tell when they were there. Once I could identify her as a spirit I knew, I could start detecting changes in her intent and mood. This helped me narrow down to categories and my intuition, which I always kept, would help me narrow it down.

This helped jump start the rest. Use what you have now, be open to intuition and “nudges” that come from them, and talk, expecting an answer. They do talk back, but we have to have the things in place to listen. This can take time.

As an aside, there are spirits I can call at a heartbeat, but they don’t speak. Pazuzu, in my case, gives me impressions, emotions, etc… But not words. It happens.

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