Introducing Myself

Hi all the fellow members. I am Abhinav from India. I am 34 but yet not stable in my financial life as well as personal life. Seeking some spiritual guidance. Though I have been trying to do many spiritual rituals from years but nothing good.


Hello Abhinav, welcome to the forum. Here you will find everything you need to know


Do you have anything you want to learn?

Anything you do not want to learn?

Any experience with magic?

Welcome :blush:

Please can you expand on your introduction?

I want to learn magic and spells related to wealth and attraction. I had tried many Hindu rituals but nothing ever happened.

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I am here to learn the magic and spells related to wealth and attraction, have tried many Hindu rituals in past 15 years but nothing ever happened.

Welcome Abhinav :wave:t4::blush:

Thank you !

Thank you!