Introducing myself

my name is John
I am interested in dark powers
Death magick, Baneful magick, Void magick
Sorcery, Necromancy.
I was born and raised By a manipulative drug addict mother
And a father that was good to me only because he felt it obligated.
I thought I was a Christian growing up only because I didn’t know about any other beliefs.
But I was never truly a Christian since I’m my own person and couldn’t follow a belief that wasn’t me.
I have a mind of my own and don’t let anybody tell me what’s true I Find out the truth for myself.
Things I follow stoicism, spiritual satanism, nihilistism,

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Hi John, welcome to the forum :wave:t5:

Welcome. How long have your practiced those things, and where abouts are you from?

For a few years

I see. I ask these things because they are requirements of our introduction, as well as your age which I somehow missed above. Knowing roughly where you are from and where and what you practice helps us tailor our responses to you in ways that are actually helpful as they affect your mindset and workings.

Welcome @DarkDagger

Do you have any actual experience in magick? You haven’t told us anything about what you practice.

Welcome to the forum

From united state age 19 meditation and invocation

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meditation And invocation

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Hello and welcome!