Introducing myself

Hello I am new to magick and i am here to learn.
I am open to all forms of beliefs
I am a psychic medium, a tarot reader, a bruja for 22 years.
I am a practitioner of Santa Muerte
Magick has always interested me. over the years I have read books, joined groups, studied some but I am still new and would like to learn more seriously. Thank you


I’m confused.

First you say this:

But then you say this:

If you have been a bruja for 22 years, then you would not be new to magick…


Sorry I did not phrase it the way you would of liked me to reason why am very shy with people there is always someone judging you. I do feel new to magick. So sorry but yes maybe I am not but I feel always like a beginner. I am here not to judge anyone but to be open minded. So I hope I cleared your confusion. Also I do not like talking about myself and I had no idea where to start. I just was hoping to be a part of learning. I am only a person nothing special. I consider my new but yes I have experience I feel I am starting all over again. I feel I am a eternal student. If this still confuses you than I do not know what else to say to you. So again I am very sorry