Introducing Myself living Yokohama Japan

I am new in the occult. I was doing meditation to make my past love back

on Youtube and love spell but It worked only makes my love looked at me and feel shy around

me but not the result I wanted. Also I’m struggling to find a Job in Japan then I found

Clauneck enn on Youtube to make instant money instead I listened to Paimon enn for

on the Job Fair on Jan 27, I ended up being lazy to go. I did felt something the day

before the Job fair when I was meditating Paimon enn but Why I ended up being Lazy?

also Is there a Witch community in Japan?

I dont know much, but u can google like occult groups in japan or something

I tried to join the occult on meetup long time ago but they didn’t respond

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Sounds like you need some help with motivation. I am sure someone here will have some good advice for you.

Also welcome to the forum. Anything more you would like to share about yourself?

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Welcome to the forum Joe :slight_smile:

I have an obsession in Illuminati / Freemasonry…
I’m tracking down every single moves ,plans on New World Order this kind of stuff.

I was watching Tarot readers to know status of the girl a like and me… I’m started meditation and cartomacy by myself which is working. Now I’m looking for witch coven here in Japan

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Oh thank you

how did you end up in japan

Student Visa for studying Japanese. After graduation i need to find a job to stay here.

That’s why have no choice but to invoke Demons It was my first time listening and reciting on Paimon’s Enn

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Its bill cipher from gravity falls XD

And abt coven umm… u can start here like start a new topic or write journals nd im sure that heres a lots of useful posts on witchcraft
Nd u can just use the search function above

Nd sorry for my poor english, its not my mother tongue

Welcome to the forum.