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Hello my name is Tiffany and I am new to all of this I am learning about Hoodoo mainly but I have paid a route worker to do spells for me to get my husband back he just left me out of the blue and his character changed everything about this man changed I want him back the way he was I was so happy we just bought a house and had a baby now I am trying to put my family back together

Welcome to BALG…

I suggest using this spell :

More is not always better. Allow your route worker to do the spells without interruption from your side by casting more spells on your husband. That may create a conflict you’re not aware of. Doesn’t always happen but it’s very common with love spells. Meditate on your desire with this candle spell for 3 - 7 or 9 days. Then let it go. After 30 days if nothing happened at all, cast the spell again.

This is how I would do it, not how it’s supposed to be done in general. Some people prefer to let go completely of the desire once the spell is done or wait up to 6 months or more before considering casting another spell.

There are lots of effective spells shared by members here that may help, you can use the search option and you’ll find them with many success stories and experiences of getting an ex or partner back.

I would also recommend keeping “lust for result” in mind. Repeating the candle spell mentioned above, or meditating on your desire frequently - daily if possible - would help with that, until you feel comfortable of letting go without mental or emotional pressure.


Thank you for doing a proper introduction, and welcome to the forum.

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Well many of the spells that she did werent love spells one was a healing one was a light love spell one was a cow tongue something to keep other people from talking negative on our relationship the Intranquil spirits and a infinity binding but I’m just learning so I have no abilities yet

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Sounds good enough. I suggest you let her do her work, and try to meditate on your desire with a simple candle spell, like the one posted previously. You don’t need any special abilities to do magick. If you can visualize ( day dream ) or imagine how you would feel if you had what you want… that would be enough. The rest is just concentration and relaxation for as long as you possibly can. That’s how you meditate with a candle or sigil. Nothing complicated.

Trust your route worker and do your best.

I apologize I don’t use Snapchat but I will send you a PM if you wish to explain any details, I’ll do what I can to help.


Excellent advice!!

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Thank you so much, glad you find it helpful :smiley:

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