Introducing Me

Hey Daneficent here,
I’m not good at introductions but I’ll try my best to get through this. My best friend recommended that I make an account here @FawnFatale as you guys seem to be very informative. My experience consists of seeing shadow people and spirits since I can remember. I also have a dark figure that follows me around and he’s been apart of me ever since he had found me at a known local haunted spot. I also have three spirit children in my house as well. i’m here to learn and to see what happens along my spiritual journey the time I spend here.


Glad you showed up. :grin::grin:


Hi Daneficent,

The best time to see the shadow people is at 3:00 am, you’ll feel their presence since they will watch you at very close distance.

I don’t think they are positive since they emit annoying sounds like bees nests in your face, their black color is like night sky without stars, you could touch one and the entity will run. They often hide in a closet.

They appear more often if you play ouija or live in a haunted place.

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Welcome @Daneficent

Where do you hail from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick? You haven’t told us if you actually practice anything or not.

Welcome to the forum.

Three ghosts, you mean? Because, usually, when people here speaks about “Spirit children” they’re talking about THEIR children; spirits that they’ve fathered with an spirit.