Introducing: Empress Syren

Greetings! :vulcan_salute:t5:

I’m your resident Intergalactic SpaceGurl, Syren. Since a child, I’ve been drawn to the Occult, but more deeply, I’ve always been a champion of the Truth and Illumination. However, I credit 2017 as the official start of my Spiritual journey.

Currently, I practice Spiritual sovereignty. As a fractal of the Source of All Things, I am the Ultimate Divine Power and Authority in my life. And I honor that connection and inner Divinity in a way that is most authentic to me. However, I do have a entire Spirit Team here to assist, guide, and protect me, as well as have dope experiences! Doesn’t matter the pantheon.

When it comes to my Magick, I limit myself to nothing. I don’t get caught up in “Evil” and “Good”. I study the Energy. The only thing that can limit me is me. Right now, I’m discovering who and what I truly am; my core Divine Essence.

So, I’m here to deepen my practice and enhance my learning. And help others to do the same. I love seeing where the rabbit holes lead me.



Do you have experience with any specific systems of magick?

I got started through African Traditional Religions/ Practices and Wiccan practices. It’s funny because I was heavily entranced by Ifa, yet still found limitations. However, I’m under the tutelage of Independent Spiritualist, so I am taught to explore, learn, and apply.

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