Introducing book to learn all kinds of Magick

I’m new in magick and to be honest i doesn’t know all kinds of Magick there is.
Can someone introduce a book?
Any idea or suggestions will be much appreciated :cherry_blossom:

For a good foundation I may suggest Bardon"s initiation to hermetics or Huson’s Mastering Witchcraft. You will have to spend years (as there are exercises to master) on these books but the return will be great.

I highly recommend them, if you are seriously into magick.

Also Kyballion not a grimoire though still a good book for one to understand the underlying philosophy (especially psychological model of magick) and law of attraction

Baneful Magick of EA can also be very helpful He explains a lot of things there.

If you want a jump start into magick GOM books will be very useful too.