Introduced myself to Lucifer last night

Hey guys. I just thought I might share my experience last night making contact with Lucifer.

So ever since deciding to join this path i’ve been scared to make contact with Lucifer. I feel like I had those judeo system perception about who Lucifer is still lingering at the back of my mind. So i had to rearrange my mind and gain more knowledge on who Lucifer really is. Reading on balg forum about people’s experience with him and who he really is helped me gain the necessary knowledge and courage.

So last night i drew his sigil and lit up 3 candles. And i kid you not, right off the bat as i gazed at his sigil it started to disappear and reappear i’ve never had this happen when making contact with spirits. While i’m gazing it there would be literally no lines or it’ll just reappear then vanish again. And as i call i didnt feel anything but i just knew its time to speak and to introduce myself. I did see my curtain move in front of me for some odd reason but that could’ve probably have been wind or something but then again it wasn’t windy but eh.

So yeah just thought i might share with you guys and let me know when you called on Lucifer if he also came so swiftly or a quick flashing of the sigil.

Thanks for reading and more power to you on your path! :slight_smile:


Lucifer has appeared as some form of green light ball. I am certain he has also visited me in my dreams as a serpent. He is :metal:t2:

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Great work! Thanks for sharing!

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