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Hello Newcomer,

Introduce yourself in this thread so that older members can welcome you. For example, share…

• Your name
• Photos if you’re comfortable
• Kinds of magick you like
• Current goals
• Current struggles

I’ll start. I’m the co-creator of Become A Living God, my name is Timothy.

I’ve devoted my life to black magick, and my passion is to perfect the art of scrying. I’m currently writing a philosophical treatise on the ideology of the left hand path, which I’ll either include in Book 2 of Anthology of Sorcery, or release as a limited edition physical booklet.

I’m presently struggling to make deep contact with the Goetic demon, Vine, although I’ve received superficial indications he is acting on my behalf. I remain patient and persistent nonetheless.

Your turn, answer the same honest questions so we can receive your friendship.

Godlike Power,


Ok, I’ll follow the example.

I’m Global Moderator for the BALG-forum.

My name is Bran and I’ve been walking the LHP for about 8 years now. Before that I was a Shamanist (note that I don’t call myself Shaman, because such a tittle is nothing but New Age Bullshit. The only real shamans can be found from Ukraine through Nepal, Mongolia, Siberia, and Africa).
After practicing Shamanism I decided to stop visiting the Spirits in their world, but instead I wanted to invite them in our world. This was the beginning of my dedication to evokation. This lead to a Pact with Azazel and under his mentorship and guidance I now devote myself to Black Magic, although I keep using Shamanic Techniques.
I also applied for membership of the Brussels Hell Fire Club.

That’s it! If any questions, just shoot!



Don’t think I ever did a proper intro, so here goes: I’m Evangeline, I live in outer London and I’ve been practicing various types of magick since childhood. After a wrong-turn into the white-light oriented stuff, with a heavy focus on healing others whilst down-playing personal ambitions, I finally found the LHP philosophy of attaining personal godhood.

That just clicked, and almost immediately liberated me from so much confusion and unhappiness, so aside from my own ascent I’m now committed to the importance of overthrowing the “led from above” paradigms of monotheism and the white-light schools of magick, by encouraging people to take up unapologetic black magick and the pursuit of personal divinity, and to reclaim their dark-empowered true nature.

In the everyday world, I work from home, have a wonderful life partner (part-time chaos mage, but I’ll let him speak for himself if he ever joins), and I’m also in a lifetime pact with two entities who I’d rather not name, and that (along with a dog) makes up my little household.

I mainly work with evocation, invocation, and core-shamanic inspired soul travel: my overall goal is to command the powers of a goddess within this lifetime, and my short-term goal (and also biggest challenge) is for us to become financially secure enough that I can quit working, and devote 100% of my time to family, magick, and my own ascent.

2020 update: new intro thread here:


Hi,im zorrito,i star whit wica,voodo,hoodo.riky,santeria,not enought results,find a satanist,peoplz,teach me,lead me,to be a aspieing adept,im still learning,from 2 years ago,to now,i practice,1-3. Times w goal,to see more results,less stdugle in life,so its is,a aspiring satanist,:slight_smile:


Well I haven’t been here a year yet so I quess I am kinda new.

My name is Orismen, it is a name I made up so feel free to pronounce it anyway that you see fit.

I have been practicing Psychic Vampirism for 14 years. Five years ago I picked up a deck of tarot cards and begun my journey into divination, four years ago I started working from a Choas Magic perspective to cause change in my reality. In September of 2012 I got the strange idea to search for “The Darkest Magic” on YouTube and found an interview of E.A. about the Book of Azazel. I did more research and when the opportunity presented itself I snatched up a copyof E.A.'s Complete Works.

Currently I am Pathworking the runes of the Elder Futhark following the Uthark configuration. I am also doing a lot of research into the Solomoic Tradition just because it fascinates me.

My favorite book by E.A. Koetting is Evoking Eternity as it played an instrumental role in helping me see my first spirit in an evocation ritual.

I am fairly lighthearted, but I DO take magic very seriously… even if I don’t show it.

If y’all have any questions shoot me a pm.


I am das bodomite also known by some here as sodomite… cause ya know… buttsex hahaha

I have currently been practicing magick for about 1 year now. I grew up in an extremely authoritarian cult. It wasnt until about 3 years ago that I got together with my niece who is a new age pagan and she told me that our family does have spiritual gifts and a sight that not many have. This answered millions of questions I had and experiences I had while growing up. I began with reading ALOT of John Dee and Edward Kellys work. This past year I have been walking the path of getting down meditation and now practicing angelic evocation before I venture further into exploring Azazel. I am currently on a path to Ascension that no one can stop. Those whom get in my way (family members and former cult members) will be pushed aside. I have come to far to stop now. I will not and refuse to stop at this point. Even my niece says what I am doing is dangerous. But then again nothing against her. All of those involved in the new age are just as foolish as those controlled by the cults accepted by society in this day in age.



I feel horrible to talk about myself.also my english SUCKS.i can’t make a proper introduction…it will take me hours to find the right words end then put them together…sometimes my posts looks like i’m playing the smart ass…
i’m just trying to get straight into the point,avoiding all the details,because it’s difficult for me to type…



I’ve been on BALG for about a year now, but have never introduced myself, so here we go.

I am LelouchDamien. Lelouch is the dark hero that never died in season 2, but who forever lives within me, resembling the archetype of godhood by controlling fate and bending the will of others. Damien is the name of the antichrist kid from The Omen. I think you can pretty much see what kind of path I’m on from the name alone :wink:

I’m a college student, content with my comfortable and peaceful life aside from not getting laid consistently enough. I think I will become an incubus when I die and I’m not gonna complain about that.
That being said, I love lust magic. I’ve been using it for about a year to sleep with several girls here and there, but absolutely suck at relationships. My lust magic includes simple sigil magic with blood/seed offerings and evocations with no visible manifestations. So, Sitri has been my best friend so far…
I’m currently working on building my future career in science and plan to work with an entity who will help me shape my livelihood around it. But I still want to be a sex idol with countless thralls at my disposal.

Thanks for bearing with me.



Hi, I am Frater Obitus. Obviously that’s not my real name, but I feel more comfortable using this alias.
My adventure with magick started when I was around 14 years old that I felt a calling by Lucifer. I did an intense path working with him that lasted around two years after which I stopped doing magick for a while. Then I got back, starting from zero, dabbled a bit being more an armchair magician than anything else. Then I read Koetting’s WoD, and that changed all my approach to magick and life.
I restarted knowing that I was going into a Journey that would never end. Evoking demons, doing rituals, meditating a lot, astral projecting, and every success I got was further motivation to go on.
So here I am, not posting much, only when I think I can say something that will help someone, or asking something I need for the moment to climb up higher.
Thanks for reading my post. I am a friendly person; If you got any question I am always available to help other magicians!


Hi. I’m Harry. I’m mid-30’s guy who lives in the bible belt USA. I’m mostly here to read and learn. I’m too inexperienced in the Occult to have any insights that I feel are worth sharing. I jumped directly into the LHP 2.5 years ago when I began to sense my higher calling. I have had several spiritual experiences with benevolent entities and my goal is to learn how to work more closely with them in order to grow and mature.



I didn’t see this yesterday or I would have replied sooner…

My name is 9Shadows… Because I live in the Shadows, and no one sees the bright happy person before them, for who I truly am.
“The dark keeps me! And there is where I want to be kept” (by me)
Looks do not judge, yet so many do just that. So I am often misunderstood by my light, happy, personality. Not that I’m not happy, I am, usually finding the glass half full, and trying to see the bright side, even when times are tough. Still, inside, there is this pull from the dark, and it’s the only place I truly feel peace, hiding in the shadows and living my magickal life privately.

I barely figured out how to get my bat photo up on my profile so adding a photo will have to come later, this is my first ever forum, so I’m just trying to learn the basics. —It’s starting to come together… :slight_smile:

I’m a fairly optimistic person, and love helping people. Sometimes I come across badly, due to my poor English (I often say English is my 2nd language), just so people will be more forgiving of my typos, or speech. lol. I basically had no formal education, and self taught myself, after a pretty crappy childhood “won’t get into that”, I began learning to read and write in my late teens, and then I started writing, and I haven’t stopped. I’ve written over 10 books, “just romance books” - Vampire romance! lol. Don’t laugh too hard… haha I self published before Twilight was ever released, so I didn’t jump on that bandwagon, and my vampires don’t sparkle!! … I just love all things vampire, I always have. I have thought about writing occult books, but as of yet have not attempted it. Note: My English at times will seem great, and others not so great, this is for lack of a loving friend not being around to edit my posts… lol

I have been practicing magick for 15 years now, Witchcraft, Wicca, (they are not the same thing (well to me at least)), Hoodoo, and some Voodoo… This “new path here” is not a path I ever considered, for the simple reason I never came across anything to do with it before, I’ve heard of Satanism before, but not Demonolatry, but either way, never thought one way or the other about it, as I don’t like to judge things without the correct version first. The enemy viewpoint is rarely accurate, as was my experience with voodoo. I ordered a book which mentioned the King of Solomon Seals, --in a way I had never seen before, from a Hoodoo book I was reading, which led me to buy and read through different books, each book taking me deeper on my quest, not certain what I was looking for but knowing it was something. Finally, I found myself reading another book, and this word, which I didn’t know and had never seen before sorta jumped off the page; of course I just read over it, but something inside of me, even three pages later, kept whispering to go back to the word, after a few more minutes I skimmed back to find the word and just sorta stared at the word for bit, (Lemegeton) before setting it down to google it, to find out what it meant, and why it seemed to be speaking to me. I skim over words I don’t know all the time (or I’d live inside of a dictionary), which lead me to YouTube and eventually to here. This one word seemed to change everything for me, —as I’m on this forum and this new path…
(From the first book, to the ones that followed, to this site, happened in the space of a month)…

Christianity ties you to their God Source by following their rules.
Wicca, does the same thing, you still have to follow their rules, though it’s more liberating then Christianity, it’s still a form of control – “do this” for example and the rule of three will bite you in the ass. Personally I can’t see some ancient pagan worrying about the rule of three, so this never made much sense to me, but without any other source I would take what I could get. Anything was better than Christianity. I have friends that are Christians, so no offense to them, if it makes them happy that’s all well and good, I just don’t want to be defined by it.

My current goal is to find my way into this ascension on E.A.'s site. I’m not one to give up - so even though I’m experiencing some failures with this new method, I will not give up! I find it ironic too, as my grandmother actively messed with spirits who actively messed back, and she loved it. I have had paranormal activity surrounding me all of my life, and I too, love it! My parents used to bring me to priests to remove the evil spirits surrounding me about every six months, but after I was an adult I stopped getting these blessings, as I don’t see communicating with spirits as evil. My family is from the deep south, --so what is, is. The ironic part is that I’ve felt evil/darkness before, and now that I’m trying to actively feel it’s presence, it’s as though it’s eluding me, I’m following the online course outline I ordered, and reading the two books as well. I stop after each suggestion, feeling I should master that area before moving on. I want to really invest my energy into each area. I’m looking forward to my first ritual, I believe without doubt in the paranormal and it’s power, no convincing needed there. I’m sure I’ll have hurdles, but the excitement is raw and exhilarating - beyond my first trip into the occult.

I wonder if my failure is based on my pushing this dark source away for so many years, and now that I’m reaching for it - it’s some karmic joke. lol… I’m sure it will pass though…

I’m trying to learn to skry… So far, just the mirror is going white, and an image of three playing cards which was really fast and fleeting happened once, but that’s a good start… I have been astral projecting all of my life, only on purpose for the past 10 years, but I don’t have success all of the time, so it’s a current goal to work through. Strengthening my ability to talk with spirits is another goal, but more important right now is learning the new goal of moving past spirits and talking with demons, angels, gods. I know once I pick this up, I’ll be really good at it, so it’s an exciting goal to work toward. I’m thinking of doing the boot camp program, just to get me started faster, plus it really seems like an awesome opportunity.

Okay, I love to write. I guess that’s out of the bag after this post. I’m glad I’m on this forum and look forward to sharing in our successes and failures as we learn and ascend, and to those who have advanced, thanks for your support in helping us newbees out :slight_smile:



I am Calmbeforestorm which is basically what my life is, calm one minute and a storm the next. I have been drawn to magick from my teenage years, mostly read books, tried out a few candle spells, some worked, some didn’t!

I was always pulled away from magick via different experiences for instance work or family etc. I always came back though and read more books tried to learn more but to me the only way to get anything done was to follow the LHP.

I am in the middle of the crisis of my life and I believe black magick is saving me from not only myself but a life of despair, it has taught me more than I bargained for. I am at my strongest point in years and I am ready to take on my family that were nothing but users and back stabbers to me. I have no regrets, I used to be a soft person, now I am awakened, it is down to black magick.

My ideal goal is for magick to be my whole life, my working life not just something to solve a problem with but something that I can focus on everyday and help people with if they need it. I am in the driving seat now and it feels brilliant.

No More Mr Nice Guy (woman)…

Also, the people on this forum are brilliant and you are never judged for asking a question, I hate all that aloofness that you see on certain forums. Not this one.

This is the place to be and it is great that EA and Timothy created such a haven for people to air their views without prejudice so to speak.

I am on this track forever now and there is no going back.

So that is me in a nutshell…


I’m darkgypsysoul and have always been involved in magic my whole life I guess I felt it calling when I was really young my grandmother I remember the only one time she cast a circle outside late at night with my mom and me the only thing I remember her telling me was not to step outside the circle,I knew I was different but I enjoyed that.We never had any family book of magic that I could learn from so what I did learn just felt right in my teenage years Witchcraft wasn’t enough I somehow came across Anton Lavey’s Satanic bible and even though my Mom didn’t follow Satanism she still got me the book was by myself no one to help guide or show to me how to go about the new path I needed to follow I wrote all my own rituals and spells to the best of my limited knowledge and had good results I felt if you could call it this but I felt an instant attraction/connection to Azazel and Pazuzu but had no idea at all how to take it further until several years ago I had an over whelming desire to go deeper with greater magic learning even now more than I have in my youth and I came across E.A Koetting’s website and am so glad I am able to be able to learn more.


Hi, my name is Luis from Argentina and my english is poor to talk with others. But I read some works of Koetting and Im happy with my presence here.
Thanks to Allls!



I’ve gone by the name of Tenebrae for so long now that it’s often used as regularly as my given name, Michael; I’m perfectly fine with either or, so whichever suits your fancy. The majority of those who know me are of the female persuasion and would say that my interest in magick tends to favor seductive energy-manipulation, enthralling the mind before defiling the flesh…so to speak.

I suppose that’s not too far from the truth; debauchery and madness are two of my more favored flavors. That downward spiral into depravity and obsession is absolutely delicious…especially when they’re made fully aware of your intent beforehand and embrace such with open arms. I suppose this is why I’m often mistaken for a vampire; though, it’s not something I’ve ever considered myself nor agree with.

I’m an honest predator, a daemon with a heart, and apparently beloved of Nyx according to several complete strangers who felt the need to randomly tell me such over the years. I suppose I’m just another Keres who’s escaped Pandora’s box; ironically also referred to as the Tenebrae unbeknownst to me at the time of choosing this name.

Granted, I’m probably just touched by madness myself…and happen to have pretty hair; chicks dig the hair. Right Timothy?

In actual magickal endeavors, I tend to enjoy the construction (both physical and mental) of tools and anything related to the darker spectrum of things. As of right now, I’m scrimshawing eight human calcaneus bones into, what I call, Fear Fetishes. Here’s the first of the series:

I’ll be imbuing these with my perception of darkness, weaving a few various delights into the design so that they mimic what my essence apparently does naturally. A more offensive type of defense, where incoming negative intent is used as a tether to trace and then feed upon the source while simultaneously transferring that energy to the owner…much like a disease or, vampric method of feeding.

Aside from that, I’d also like to work on creating a servitor that I’ll then be tethering to various individuals. This will result in an egregore with physical facets in the form of said individuals and, through further incorporation, this egregore will become a Godform. Each individual incorporated will, in turn, have the ability to access this communal power on a whim. Sounds like a fun little pet project, no?

Lastly, I’d like to write a book on my spiritual beliefs…

As for struggles, I’d say that procrastination, apathy, and a lethargic personality have all contributed to my struggles in life. Passion often eludes me…leading towards slothful behavior; in other words…I’m lazy. I’ve always felt as though I’m hibernating, waiting for a time that’s yet to come… We all have to wake up someday though, and that’s what I’m currently attempting to acomplish above all else. I’ve been a dreamer for far too long…living within the depths of my own mind.

Anyway, any questions?

Feel free to message me privately…I’m often lurking, it’s what I do.


Well hi, I am known as Oceanos, I originally came up with Oceanus when it popped into my head one day, decided to use the name and the alternate Oceanos version of it for various game characters and only years later found out that it was the name of the Greek Titan of the sea.

Anyway, my dealing with magick has been on and off since I was probably 5. My dealings with the spirit world has been on and off since I was born. My mom’s side of the family have psychically gifted people, and I as well have a little bit of that gift, which I attribute to the various times I’ve seen beings with my physical eyes who are not from this physical plane of existence.

My family is completely against me pursuing any occult knowledge, but its been an uncontrollable desire for as long as I can remember, and I always end up coming back to it no matter how many times I try to focus on the physical world.

I am good with writing poetry, and have strong emotions. I have often found myself writing random spells full of emotion without even thinking about what I was doing at the time, just letting it flow out the way someone would with doodling pictures (which I also tend to doodle intricate and random symbols, a long with the symbol of the eye which has always had a strong connection with me). I tend to approach most of my spell work this way, often creating intricate spells on the spot, casting them as they come to me, which makes me often feel that something else is at work, guiding me in this process.

To end this pointless rambling, I am one who I guess walks the grey path, I have an intrinsically good, caring, and altruistic nature, so my work in the LHP tends to be very lacking at times lol. I am here to learn all that I can and to create a reality for myself in which things within it have more meaning and power. Oh and also to work on my evocation of various beings out there. I am glad to meet you.


I never had that formal introduction at first so here I go.

Hey i’m Omnipresent but if you want you can call me Omni like a lot of people do.

I became interested in magic 8 years ago once I found out I am in a line of healers and also baneful workers at the same time. It is the Kahuna magic of Hawaii.

Unfortunately, I had not caught onto it and dismissed it as crap until I saw a Korean healer come and read my mind and diagnose my body from the inside out before it happened. I thought it was amazing coming from a man who was also a 9th degree black belt in Taekwondo to end up at our door for fish.

I came on the path RHP and a member of the Mormon church. I was literally programmed to know that all I had to do for salvation was to pray and repent to God for all of my problems. I thought about how friggin selfish that was to lay all your problems on him and I started to question everything. When the church had not given me any answers besides praying, I knew they had no idea what the hell I was talking about.

I later got interested in Astral projection so I had learned it from Robert Bruce’s books and that further supported my understanding that there is more to life. I began the path on the somewhat middle path then joined the path of the masters which is a path based on open skepticism meaning I can’t really listen to opinions; I have to solely base it on my own true experience.

My interested studies are: chaos magic, Kabbalah (those formulas in Bardon’s 3rd book in specifics), Hermetics, Qi Gong, evocation, and my favorite of all, Yoga (specifically Raja yoga), and the Yogic solar science of Tibet.

I’m basically looking to build a shitload of energy as well as sense it within my body. My main goal is to work with my mind so distractions come no more and building will power and determination.

I just want to add a small word of advice to those beginning the path as well as those who are still struggling with sigils and such desires.

It is 100% possible to control the mind. When you are creating a sigil and the desire is too strong, it will be kept in your mind and you will never fulfill it. Have a self dialogue with your mind and make it become your friend, but you probably won’t want to do it in public. People will think you’re crazy. All of the body is in the mind but not all of the mind is in the body. People have such control of their minds due to this method that they can even stop bleeding by telling the mind to stop it. Don’t fight against it, become coordinated.


Hey, everyone
YOU may call my oVwolves
I have been messing around with the occult for quite some time started getting serious with it about ten years ago, I have my fundimentals down but I need to advance, I think I can do it fast cause I get to that trance state almost instantly, now I think that was the first thing I learned.
I have a beautiful collection of books they are my babies luck I got them on pre order on time latest one being the new current 218 vary pretty work of art and extreamly interesting to me.
I prefer the darker side. never did believe in karma or right or wrong.
I always though I was alone, somehow I discovered E.A. and well im re awoken like I was that first tim a spell I created worked.
I hope I can get some guidance and advise… I may have some knowledge and help to offer as well.
I realy realy realy want to start evoking immediately so the first help I ask is what is the absolute bare minime I need aside from a sigil. and is it wise for me to evoke often or is that rude to the “guests”


So you got started in being serious with magic 10 years ago and you just barely cast a successful spell? What’s been happening all that time? I would probably be an adept magician if I got into it early instead of hitting the books only.


Hallo my Name is, Norman. (Light-Worker) Live in South Africa!!! And have been studying the occult for Just about 6 years!!!

Here and there an evocation!!! Mostly just reading, and always thinking i should read more, before the next evocation, always building props,making my tools, to never use them!!!

Sad I know!!!

Hope to be with you all for a long time!!!