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im from canada, all ive done is astral travel and only evoked while astral traveling since i can only go theta there, i aam slightly telepathic with some sspirits as well including belial, azazel, lucifer, lilith and namaah


Hi I’m from the east coast of Australia currently living in a beautiful ocean side town where my mum, nan, and grandmother also lived. I’m from the Worimi tribe.

I would say I practice everyday whether it’s in a small way or big way, I didn’t mention anything because I didn’t know what to call it? My apologies, I’m an Aboriginal so everyday my way of normal life is offerings to my ancestors, looking after the land so land provides back, cleansing out bad energies from my home, and doing Aboriginal Art.
I’m more recently beginning in candle and sigil magic.

Through my Aboriginal Paintings I tell stories of the Dreamtime and I pass down knowledge of the Dreamtime spirits and how they formed the land. I have been bought up around these practices my whole life but with maturity have more understanding of them. The painting below is a story of The Rainbow Serpent :blush:



Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and welcome to the BALG forum :slight_smile:


Hi people !
I’m Alex, 37 yеars old. My first touch with magick was in my teenage years, but all this ceremonial stuff was too complicated for me at this time (Golden Dawn style), so I lost interest for a long time, until recently when I discovered these “modern grimories” - GOM. POM … etc. and this is what I’m currently practicing. I consider myself a beginner, so I hope to expand my knowledge and improve my skills about magick thanks to this place.


Welcome! Former GD candidate here.

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Hey! My name is Mortala, I’m a 19 year old Occultist currently living around the Eugene, Oregon area. I have been practicing for 10 years, but this past year I haven’t done much (been in a spiritual funk lol). Im here is hopes of reconnecting with the magikal side of myself and fixing a few key aspects of my life.


Welcome @Glitterkamikazi

Practicing what, exactly?

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?

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I’ve mainly done a lot of spirit work, astral travel and projection, most forms of divination. I’ve done a fair amount of Solomonic magick and some traditional Filipino practices. I just call myself an occultist because my practice all boils down to my desire to know things that I definitely shouldn’t.



I’m Stevew. I’m in East Texas born and raised. I grew up southern Baptist and later went to a Baptist bible college. After being kicked out twice- true story! I quit going to church entirely.

In 2016 I discovered Damon Brand’s books on Amazon. I’ve been practicing magick since then. I’ve had lots of success with the magickal cash book. I’ve tried lots of GOM magic.

Lately I’ve been reading and practicing magick books by Tristan Whitespire and Jareth Tempest.

I’m looking to improve my life with magick, especially in the areas of wealth creation.

I’m trying to upload a picture but having difficulty for some reason. I think my profile pic is showing. If not, let me know.


Nir666, Israel, do Necromancy and other Death Magick, mainly interested in Vampirysm and making my body more Spiritual…

Would love to co-operate with as many Magicians as possible…

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Hi :wave: nice to meet you and Welcome to the forum :purple_heart:


Welcome to the forum :blue_heart::wave:

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