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Welcome to the forum. I’m not sure how the relation to demons and tarot was made, I generally don’t use any of those references as they don’t apply to the deck I prefer to use (True Black). I would try to confirm that in some other way, and not rely solely on that, your deck be trying to get a message into your mind that isn’t related to demons, despite the question. Sometimes tarot will tell you what you need and not what you want.

I think meditation is important for learning how to quiet your mind and notice the finer details that indicate spiritual presences and learning to shift into the right zone for magic, projection and things of the like, but we have quite a few really well written posts on the subject, so I am going to recommend you use the search function for this.

If you really want to pursue that question with tarot, I would try a 3-5 card draw instead, and see what the general feel is, it should confirm or deny if he’s looking to work to you.

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Ah, yes, thank you! I did find several posts with some great information to help with meditation, and of course, they are all bookmarked. :slight_smile:

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Welcome @SenkiMajora

Do you have any practical experience in magick? You’ve said you’ve been studying, but not if you are practicing yet.

Hello @DarkestKnight

I have been practicing with sigils and candle magick fairly regularly, as well as practicing Tarot everyday. But, I’ve mostly just been reading what I can find online, as well as working through a long list of books, which grows longer everyday.

I suppose, another struggle of mine is finding direction. There is so much information out there, I barely know where to start. Slowly, but surely, I’m finding my way though.

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And roughly how long have you been doing that?

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I am being careful about making assumptions, and not relying solely on the cards. I did try to confirm through other means a couple nights ago, and had interesting results. My discernment skills, however, are still in development. Maybe I’m overthinking. Perhaps, you wouldn’t mind giving me your opinion?

I was shuffling my Tarot cards, intending to inquire about Duke Barbatos, and of course the nine of swords flies out while I’m doing this. So, I would like to consider that a possible sign, but I did go further. I grabbed my pendulum, and asked for confirmation, and it swung in the affirmative motion. But, I’m really inexperienced with pendulums, so I’m taking that one with a grain of salt.

But, wait, there’s more. I was feeling pretty motivated to seek further confirmation at that point, so I decided to draw his sigil on a piece of paper, along with my own. I circled them both, and drew a line connecting them. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that? But, I was hoping to make a connection in my dreams. That didn’t happen, but when I woke up there were three red spots near where my head was resting. For a split second I thought I was bleeding, but quickly discovered the culprit to be a red pen that was in my bed, and leaked just those three spots near my head and where I had the sigils.

Maybe, I’m over thinking, or it’s wishful thinking, but I kind of took that as possibly being symbolic of signing for an agreement of sorts… and of course the red ink representing the signature being in blood.

Hmm, that’s the first I’ve done something like that, and I don’t typically sleep with red pens in my bed… I’m guessing I must have placed it down on the bed while taking notes sometime…

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Only about six months. I’m very much in the beginning stages of this journey.

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Did you ask it any other questions to confirm that it was giving you accurate information in the moment? I rarely use pendulums as I find it hard to get consistent good answers and prefer tarot or going more direct to the spirit when it’s something I can get impressions of. Demon’s however only let me know they are here, I don’t get visual or audio impressions still. So on the rare moment I do use my pendulum, I ask many questions.

No matter how many times I’ve used it in the past, I always start with show me yes. show me no. Is my name xxx? Is my daughters name. I do the first two plus at least two or three other questions to confirm I am getting accurate information, before I ask the real question. Then I repeat the first set of questions, change the name up and re-ask my real question. Then I do it another time. Three of the same answer, with all the other questions is a pretty good indication that I’ve either got a real answer, or that I’ve convinced my subconscious of the answer. I thoroughly believe however we can convince of ourselves of the answer we want, and that can come out in a pendulum and tarot both.

I don’t see any problem with doing this, it’s basically just symbolism for you want to connect to him.

I’ve never had an entity show up in a dream when I requested it. I’ve had them show up several times when not requested, but rarely as themselves, it’s almost always been as someone I knew but usually not well. The first few times it happened I asked why, and they told me because I was still scared of spirits and that was very true. It still happens to this day- I’ve only had Baron Samedi appear as himself to me in dreams, and they tell me now that it’s because I am more likely to jolt awake from the surprise. This is also true, even if you are a lucid dreamer, sudden changes can wake you up.

So one, the entity has to enter your dreamscape without waking you up. Two you have to retain memory of the encounter. I’ve been lucid dreaming since grade school, often recount my dreams to friends on here, and usually average between 4-8 major dream scenes that I share with them, and still can say I know I am forgetting some things, but I clearly can’t remember what, only I have the distinct impression of other things happening that I can’t recall.

So dreams are not the best method, though it’s pretty cool when it happens, it can be challenging to make it happen, plus the entity has to be willing.

It really could be either. Often the newer folks want a sign so bad that they make everything into signs, but some of us agree that one, you shouldn’t really look for signs. If it is a sign you will know it in your gut, with pretty much all that you are. If you doubt it there’s a good chance it’s nothing. The other thing we like to say is once is coincidence, twice probably is too, but at three times you have a pattern and can put some faith into it. Except for if you decide spiders are related to say Lilith, then start noticing spiders because you convinced your mind it was a sign. I find it best to dismiss things and go on about my day, so that I’m not drawn to the things that are normally around me, that I just don’t notice because I never placed significance on it before.

Hope that helps.

Also I found when I first began with tarot, that I could do amazing reads for others, but rarely could get an accurate read on myself. Even still today, if I am really consumed with thoughts of something, whatever it is consuming my thoughts, be it good or bad will show up almost exactly like my thoughts in the general feel of the draw, despite me not thinking about particular cards or even doing a reading up until I do one, so I will confirm with a friend when possible, giving as little information as possible, so that they can do an unbiased read without influencing it themselves.

You personally cannot give readings on the forum until you have been active for 90 days, but you can receive them. Sometimes are more experienced members will offer them free, and sometimes people just learning will as well.

We have a thread right now for exchanges to help people get better at their tarot skills, and while you cannot give one, you can certainly ask for one. I would ask something somewhat generic as in Is Barbatos interested in working with me, give no more information than that and ask for a 3-5 card draw if they are able to do it. I say that mainy because if you get 3 or more positive or negative cards, regardless of whether or not the message of each card seems related, it will give you a yes or no scenario you could draw conclusions on. If the reader is good at connecting to your energy and channeling that and the question into the deck, you’ll likely get other signs, but like I said this thread is for getting better at their skills, so many of them don’t know how to do that yet.


@SenkiMajora If you have questions, please open your own thread. We need to keep off topic conversation out of this one. It is for introductions only.


Hello, My name is Juary, and the kind of magick that I prefer is love, evocations, and baneful spells. My current goals is to become a better human, and build up my marriage with my succubus. However, I would like to become a better and effective practitioner, which is what I am working at the moment.

Hi there @Fazzerss could you tell us where you from and how long you practice magick ?

Hello Everyone, I’m new here but am not new to Spirituality or the Practice of it. I was born into a Native American family & along with my people’s ceremonies & daily observance of spiritual ways, I’ve learned about & dabbled with everything I could and I’m still learning.
I’m just a student, A Son of the Arts of spiritual relationships and connections and I’m here to learn & be with like minded people.

Welcome to the BALG family @ELriK

Welcome @ELriK

Besides Native American spirituality, what other systems or traditions do you have experience in?

After been gone for a month, I really have time to sit back, take in everything I have learn on this site from different people, including, what I have learn from doing magic on my own. Anyway, as for this month and through the year 2021 I doing to get in touch with my ancestor’s spirituality, pathworking, and magic, by working with the African sea goddess, Mami Wata. As an African American myself I figure there no better goddess than an African sea goddess, and African spirituality to work with, then my pathworking doing forward.

Welcome @Stanley_Wata Please tell us about yourself.

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick? You haven’t really told us if you do or not, only what you are planning to do.

If so, what do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?


It me Darkeknight didn’t you read my post I took a month long break away from the communtiy to reflect on myself, and currently ready to return, and be work and connect with the community


Its Stan, my friend. Lel.

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Hmm…you didn’t take a break. You were banned.


You actually got banned for a whole load of stuff, and off you go again, since you LIED to people about me giving you permission, and also claimed to be a woman. This forum is not for you, please try making a blog somewhere else, because that will attract fellow-thinkers and give you a place to be Master, or Mistress, or both, of your own domain. :+1: