Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum

Your name: Toth
• Photos if you’re comfortable Design
• Kinds of magick you like don’t know
• Current goals -
• Current struggles i think im possed

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Hello everyone. I am Dylan. Well thats my nickname won’t share my original name here. I am a student and working on myself for a greater future. I am researching here about invoking spirits who would help me with female attraction and a wealthy succesful life thats it. Hope you all have a good day. Thankyou :slight_smile:

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Welcome @Dylan3699

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick?

If so what do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

if not, what areas of magick are you interested in besides invoking or evoking spirits?

Hello everyone, I’m Ms.Liz

I’ve always been interested and naturally attracted to elemental magic of all kinds, workings associated with the ways of Olde and the ancients. Recently I’ve been working specifically with Ahrimanian Yatuk Dinoih. I’m a new self initiate to the LHP, following what instinct draws me to with a touch of logic to keep myself focused :wink:

Currently, my goals are literally a three point list. First, to begin daily meditation and Ahrimanian Yoga. I refuse to even acknowledge the other two points until the first have become a discipline.

Which leads to my current struggles lmao!!! To balance myself emotionally and attain focus for all workings. So there you have it, Ms.Liz in nutshell XD Thank you everyone for providing a platform to share and learn. Truly I am grateful and excited to journey further into this source.

Warm Regards

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Hi,My name is Kamesh from Mumbai,India.Im currently mentored by aghori tantrik im not iniated by him yet.
It been 4 months i have been in touch with my mentor.
My interest of Magic lies in Health, Protection, Love and Money


Welcome @Kamesh_Rati

Do you have any experience in Western magick, or any systems outside of that of your current mentor?

Nope,i have experience in hindu magic,i want to learn western magick for quick results.


Hey guys romil here. Im from India, Gujarat state and small town Call amreli. Not too big and not too small like village small town. Im 23 years old.
Im new into path. And My goals are to gather knowledge about left hand path , satan , magick , witchcraft , tarot card reading. My struggles are lack of focus. Easily convenience, influence and not stable on my emotions, and on my sayings. I confuse alot. And my mind start fighting for like. I should do this. I should do this. I like traditional witchcraft and tarot card reading


Heyah all, I go by nya (knee-ah) most places so that’s what I’m gonna go by here

I’ve been an active pagan for about 4ish years, tho in some respects functionally I’ve been one since childhood due to some cultural influences. While I’ve always had a healthy amount of respect and reverence towards the LHP and have had a fascination with occult theory for years I wouldn’t consider myself an active occult practitioner until a few months ago. I’m still tryna get the basics under my belt and would like to solidify my practices as quickly as possible to start getting consistent results

A few of my current goals are rn is to get a good grounding in evocation and astral projection since I don’t have much experience with either. I’d say I’m pretty decent at channeling and divination at the moment. Another one of my goals is to at the very least begin Qliphoth and Kabbalah initiation. My guides have been slowly nudging me into that direction for the last couple of months. I’ve also been doing daily Goetic “workings” in that I ask to receive a number from 1 to 72 in my minds eye that corresponds with a demon from the grimore. I tend do some mild research on that entity and invite their energy into my presence and if I get a clear enough image in my mind to then draw them. So far it’s been very successful with two of them and I’m happy with my results.

I currently struggle to remain consistent in my practices. I also feel a bit lost in the next step I should take to “level myself up spirituality”. I do wish to start manifesting things that can aid me in this reality to start working towards my True Will in this life time.

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Okay, thanks @DarkestKnight. I’m not a new member, been a member for a couple years but when I try logging in with my old name and password it doesn’t work, so I just created a new account. My old name was Cthuhu669_necronomic. Basically, I’m a LHP practitioner that mostly does demonic and angelic work ( for anyone new to the occult, there is no contradiction and/or friction between demons, angels, and God, at least IME ). So, I’m back. I’ve been absent for a bit while learning and really working a new system that yields much better results for me. I’m very pleased with the good results and relationships with demons and angels. Nice to see some familiar people again, I’ve missed y’all :slight_smile:

Thanks, man. If your old account is still in good standing, Eva can link it to this new one and give you back the same privileges you previously had :slight_smile:

I go by the name ‘T’ I have been a interested in the occult for 10 years and I am a theistic satanist for seven years. I also perform tarot readingd

Hello there.

I am from India.

I am a complete beginner in this. I’m interested in magick to help become the version of myself I desire to become.

I am only practicing some basic things to help strengthen my foundation like meditation and breathing work. Its been a month now.

I am not aware of other areas of magick to be honest but will research about it or would like to know about it. I have some certain desires which I’m sure invoking a good spirit would help me by becoming someone like a mentor.


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Hello i live in India i am intrested to find some answers on spiriutal question s therefore i join the best occult forum on the world hopeing to find best answers.I am beginner seeking for fast and cut way to comunicate with spirits wich is my dream to speak with them. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ajaz here from Pakistan, i am new to magick but i am far more advanced in Angel’s knowledge. Graduate in Social sciences. I can perform many tricks and can remove High level spell in a blink of eye that’s what i claim.

though magick is opposite story in my case but here i am. .

Feel free to talk to me about removing spells, breaking magick over anything like home, car, business. . (this is not self markiting i mean it is what i am)

i hope community will accept me with peace. thanks


hey everyone

im been into magic and demon evoking for about 3 months now. its wondeful thing, and it just opened my mind alot. my goal is to amend things with my ex atm and just have a chance to converse with her nothing more. i dont want to influence her to love me or anything. i hope everyone here will help when its needed, and im looking forward for good times.

Thank you for doing an introduction as requested @DdoubleD

Where are you from?

Do you practice a specific tradition or system of evocation?

Hello Darkest Knight i woud respectfully like to ask you for simple rite of how to open a sigil?Do i gaze at it for 2 mins and repeat spirit s enn or is it different way?

Im from london england.

all i do is chant the enn, use the sigil.


How long have you been practicing? What are you interested in doing down the line?