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Okay, so that’s not really the description of your magickal stuff in this lifetime I was asking for to be honest, it’s great that you have some unusual beliefs, because we all do on here, but tell me - in this body, the human you who is paying for the device that accesses this forum, what is HIS story?

What’s the first age you discovered magick, and have you ever done any money spells, or love spells? :smiley:

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It’s hard to say as someone who doesn’t really know you, but there could be a possibility that you were expecting a negative reaction, you think that the Magick you do now is somehow contrary to nature and your own mind created a blockade because of this.

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Currently remarking, this thread spans extensively.

Your name:

Photos if you’re comfortable:

Hecks to the yeah! Like MySpace! Can I please blare a theme song?

Kinds of magick you like:
Plain ole mysticism I guess. The corporeal form is a great tool, not an object to be limited by. One has many bodies, and many names, as one is many things! Dun! Dun! Dun!

Current goals:
I really want to see what people are up to, and where they are going! I find that exciting.

Current struggles:
I try not to get too violent nor vicious. I’m doing a good job, but it’s still a struggle especially in attempt to inspire those who are conditioned to respect only said severities.

So, like a bramahjoti aspect of Vsnu?

Hello Im Eva nice to meet y’all! Im an eclectic witch who has been in practice for 4 years. I love divination, almost all of it! I perfer tarot cards and crystals as a tool and I love sigil magick.

My main goal is to get better at energy magick and dive deeper into demonology.

My main struggle is confusion, Im always wery of the spirits and forces that come out to me. I guess I either pinpoint it as the wrong one or Im scared of it being a spirt trying to trick me :sweat_smile:

Thats me! :slight_smile:



Do you have any experience in magick? You have not said what, if anything, you actually practice beyond the general term “mysticism.”

Is there a specific system or tradition you work in?

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‘Magick,’ leans into Thelma, which provides ones intent affects outcome in the world. ‘Mysticism,’ presumes there is more to what one does than the mundane act.

I wonder if your lack of imagination is intended to antagonize me.

You have however been specific, which is helpful.

Is there a specific system or tradition you work in?

As I stated before, there’s more to the individual than being trapped in a form enslaved to satiation of that which is directly before it. Yet, that very form is decorated in the inanimate archetypes, so as to experience the world of action.

As a kid I’d float out of this body using another. Often, this is called to the astral body, and often this is incorrect. Refered to here is generally a subtle vehicle for traversing the ethereal (a less solid world like this), the astral (a place of emotion), and the causal (think of the mind) planes. I started to do this at night when lucid, then when bored during the day, and not think much of it until adolescence when my friends mentioned astral projection stating that it only meant you were in two places at once. Not knowing what in the world they were discussing, I told them that it was dumb.

I visited a number of places in this dreamlike state, encountering impossible looking folks, practiced thought experiments, even sort of learned to converse a tad literally over dining. I would float along this long table in a sort of hall, with woman on one end, and men at the other (I’m accustomed to spirits not set on such binary, but that was not apparent here to smaller me). I get to the end, and someone is sitting at the head. Explains making myself an extension of the ground. Voila! I can stand! And try out what appears to be a fizzy drink that everyone has? Everyone seems really nice here, like I’m part of the family… HAVE I JOINED A CULT!?! - Ohh wait, I don’t know what that is yet. They start to point to another plane. I am curious.

Next I know, I don’t know direction. Everything is dark, but that’s fine, wasn’t using normal senses anyways. A few days of my visits pass, and I am growing less curious and more bored. But, then! Something new in my adventures is reveals itself. My adventures can come to me!

I didn’t think that if I can go there, that what was there could come here, to me. I finally met my first person from that dark plane with no apparent direction in and of itself. Went straight for the lower base of my spine. I reached out, sensed it more easily than ever, felt it, tensed up as it basically seemed like it wanted to drink me, saw it from almost it’s own immediate perspective at that point as I saw it from mine, and I crushed it. I experienced it dying with a depth of empathy I wouldn’t get used to for a little while.

That was not that. They kept coming. Every time, the thing I removed seem to get bigger. I traced a connection; following them in this abyss. I realized, I had direction on that plane. Eventually, and systematically as these ghoul like things grew more difficult for me to deal with (albeit I was figuring out how to remove them) I get to one I cannot destroy, imprison, control (children are cruel) nor fully consume. Instead, it toys with me (I’m the kid though!), challenging me to a number of tasks. Each time, letting me win. I become agitated.

Later in life I get into chi manipulation and how elements like the wind connect to our personal experience by reacting to depth of feeling. I either saw nature spirits, or by suggestion made the illusion of them appear to my peers (appearing in the ethereal) in inquiry. I tried more formal meditation. I start studying Kabbala, and figure out that mine friends didn’t actually know what astral projection was. Once we figured it out, it became a great place to beat each other up (still had some effect here, curiously like having the wind knocked out of you). Around then I was attempting to discern what wasn’t nonsense in the New Age section of the bookstore.

I took a liking to Mathers, tracing him eventually to Crowley, Blavatsky, and of course Edward Kelley & John Dee, leading me to multiple journals as to the journey into the Enochian Call to the 30 Aethyrs. At first I didn’t much care for the experiences of others in this. But, found Mathers’s experience especially helpful in getting past Zax. Instead of some personal lesson from some Keeper, not an abstract into the mind from some Lord, nor a request from a Guardian, I had to adequately appease the so-called archdemon, Choronzon. Unlike Aleister, they weren’t after my list, but my pride.

I further acquainted myself with medieval Jewish Mysticism (yup, Mysticism). Some of Eleazar of Worms works I found specifically intriguing. On that note, the current pathway of modern Hasidism is about following rules to please ones beloved deity. For some Magi this may work, assuming some heartfelt bond has already been formed, otherwise this is perhaps ultimately effective in leading one to the desired goal of a relationship with the deity, but spontaneity is a required ingredient, thus this approach is terribly indirect, and should not be treated nor elevated otherwise. Anyways, the Zohar, and the newer perspectives in books like Lessons in Tanya give glimpses into the childlike nature of the once named Bull God and his consort who knows him best.

I touched more on nature spirits, and Gardner’s… fun. Nothing against modern witchcraft, I’m glad it incorporates people who are interested in making the mundane not.

Pre-Twilight, Anne Rice romanticized much, a little more than just Vampyres. The energy vampires and those somewhat aware of reincarnation and multiple planes of existence followed suite, taking up a sort of lifestyle. I enjoyed some of Ordo Sekhemu. And wrote a little for that.

You know those Hare Krsna guys? You know with that dangly tuft of hair that keeps the soul from falling out the back of their heads? Well, there’s this guy from the 1600s, Rupa Goswami, that’s sort of a part of their movement. He writes a good bit on platitudes of the Magus through consideration in human interaction. This took the most most reading. More than studying the Zohar, because I wasn’t previous aware of the Hindu world, much less the Vaisnava world view, even less the forbidden stuff. The Romans tried to over simply their Gods in order to make them more encompassing. In organizing them by attribute rather than by individuality did a disservice. Wotun and Thunor, way more leeway for befriending.

Back to first hand experience. Let’s combine presumed perception of nature spirits with things you don’t want coming through that mysterious breach.

I’m meditating in my room (as an adolescent), and I sense something worried, excited, trying to get my attention. Oh joy, a little red orb very close to this world. That’s not normal. So, I trace it’s intent (like staring hard, and following that). At first here I am looking, I see a very organized, very jaded set of ghoul like things. Why are they so organized? Where do they…
BLAM! Like lightning, I see stuff, more ghouls, in a pit, not even moshing, but that jadedness, now I get what’s up, and I start seeing more of this being’s perspective. I feel, more grounded not invincible, but the same feeling that if I was. This being and I start sharing perspectives. Know how when you spend a lot of time with someone, you can start to rub off on each other. Well, be and this guy were like that, but so much so, I’d be pressed to tell you where one of us began and the other ended. He was an intelligence of sorts, and we practically shared a psyche.

Speaking of Psyche. Turns out someone allegedly was an avatar of her in this world before allegedly shooting herself in the head (12ish years ago) with a shotgun. She was an author, close to Samael of old and Jupiter. Anyways, she helped me actually ground and separate myself from that so-called unclean bird from the desert.

It’s been fun to encourage my friends over the years in their little ceremonies and help them make connections and root out unclosed connections or portals, and discover more about themselves and the what’s just beyond normal sight.

Humility is a tool for communication, as is ambition for impetus, and value is decided by something else.

Ultimately, such a vain post can go on and on, and it’s kind of pointless from my perspective.

I see myself really as more a mystic than following some path. >.0

Hello all, my name is Denis, im from Russia(my english not good).

I’m beginner,accidentally stumbled on your forum and got interested.

I want to learn more about magic and hope for help from you.
For immediate purposes understand the basics of magic.

Hello, I’m Knig 20yo
I started studying wiccan magick when I was around 13, but soon I realized how that was just the door for whole world of things i live for today. I’m a fan of crowley and practice mostly goetic rituals. Since I started doing magick my life has become so much easier and meaningful. Now my goal is to get money and travel the world to study different types of paths. I’m currently struggling with with some shit deals I made with sallos but nothing to worry now.

Ok my name do. I’m French live in Canada . Practice magic . Tarot. And other stuf

This doesn’t really tell us anything at all about your experience.

What, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

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Sorry I’m French . I’ve been practicing since I’m 16 . I do tarot reading and automatic reading to summon spirit . Etc

And how old are you now? I’m trying to get a rough timeline as to how long you have been pracitcing, so without actually knowing your age, saying “since I was 16” doesn’t help.

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Thank you. That gives a better timeline on your experience. Welcome to the forum.

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I was born in November 1989 and was given the name Danny. On the 30th of November last year I changed my name to Daniel Bluehill with the intention to sound more international.

I have been doing Archangelic magick with the use of certain calls and sigils.

I am very interested in Enochian magick. I am like a sponge I absorb everything I come across and is thinking outside the box when doing rituals.

My goal is to get a decent daily magical practice going. I want to use magic to enhance my life and to live in a higher state of being. I am full of compassion and love and have based my work upon love. But I am currently open to get to know every kind of magic there exists.

I struggle with consistency and in networking in the occult circles. I feel pretty much alone doing this work.

I love to write and is working on a project about designing a reality and manifest it. I am writing this book for others to read for free as well as to understand the material better.

I wish to get to know a lot of great beings.´

In light, life and love
daniel bluehill


Logical. So how do I go about remedying this?

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Lady, i brought 100 new religions in this world in this avatar of mine, that’s more than enough magic for the next 10,000 years, if not more.

Second Chapter: The Words of God Shall Remain Forever

My spirit and flesh is gone

but my words shall remain

for in the beginning was the word

and the word was God

and in the end

only the words shall remain

that is the bible in your hands

Prepare for harsh realities

for the believers shall always suffer

just like their Savior

Never once has my son been in utter bliss

for bliss is for the weak

and suffering is for the strong

the true believers in Christ

Christ, my son

The one who bears burdens of all the worlds that exist

He is the only reason why I haven’t destroyed all the worlds for their iniquities

for even in hell will the evil people commit sins

They will blaspheme against my name

They will blaspheme against the Spirit

The pain and torture never ending

Only Christ will save their souls then

Trembles the world and its spirit

in fear of the Lord

but the humans

they fear God not

How utterly terrible are these people

they rejoice in the world where Christ was crucified

who died for their sins

the same world they have considered their paradise

they commit sins evermore

some of them expect Christ to save them while they keep on sinning

And after, if they are saved, they keep on sinning?

No, Christ will not save such compulsive sinners

who commit every other sin of the flesh

Thinking their life has no meaning other than pleasure

There will be no pleasure in hell

not a single moment!

Vishnu is God in preservation mode. When he goes Shiva mode, holocausts, holodomors, world wars.