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Thank you @EnemyofFire
Will try tonight

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Hello everyone,
My craft name is Ovidas. I have been involved in witchcraft (mostly based in working with nature and elemental energies) for about 15 years and more recently have branched into working with demons and other entities. I am an avid lucid dreamer and perform a lot of spiritual and magick work in this realm.

My current goal and project is developing my skills in astral travel.

I look forward to learning from and contributing to this forum.


Hey ok I’m the supreme being and I am into spirit keeping and the dark arts entities. I’m not really a magician but I love astrology and planetary magic and I like to summon spirits. I can see them everywhere I have a lot of demonic or vampire attachments on me. I’m trying to find out how to become the meanest vampire there is rn. I feel I need to protect myself in order to survive and I’m not afraid of the dark. In fact I believe I have worked with a dark spirit in the past. And I also have someone trying to kill me using black arts and vamparism with alien like Psy vampire entities. But I’m not going anywhere and I’m gonna just become a vampire myself and fight. It’s really serious so I need like the killer kind of vampire. So I’m on here looking for a new path. Thanks

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Myself karan singh from india.
Interested in Dark magic, kind of neophyte, engaged in magic for last 1 year but without any success.
Desire- Start working with the Lucifer for my higher good
Area of problwm-Basic understanding of evocation, rituals and meditations to fire up my kundali.
Look forward to getting help from this group and contribute

I’m shaderu, an alias, I have nothing accomplished. I’m just a normal human. I’m curious, I want to know more after reading a lot here, it’s quite giving me doubt but giving me excitement to see more. I maybe not suitable here or maybe I am, who knows. I want to find out. Treat me well.

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Welcome @shaderu

Do you have any experience in magick, or practice anything?

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Thanks. I’m ashamed to say I don’t have any encounters or any experience. But it’s giving me excitement to see so much here. I’m very curious and want to see more and if I could. I want to learn.

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It’s OK. A lot of that “experience” is over exaggerated stories, sometimes used by people to fill voids. There’s a very specific term for it that somehow escapes me.

The real magic is the transformation of your inner self and becoming a stronger healthier you.


Sorry for not posting this sooner.

So to start, my name is Will, I’m 25. I wouldn’t say I’m the most experienced however I started off studying with qi gong and energy, with some success using it for healing. I started moving into using Norse runic magic to a degree, nothing major just a few simple spells and protections.

I typically offer thanks and offerings to different deities when I feel their influence in my life. I would not however say I don’t have or want a patron.

As for what I hope to accomplish, I’m a man of simple tastes and needs. I don’t care for power or even want to live in luxury. I just want a comfortable life. It’s taken me a long time to get to this point where I can say I’m genuinely happy and enjoying life and have a bright future ahead of me. I’m willing to fight for what’s important to me. And if that offends anyone I apologise but I’m going to do things my way, at least show me the same level of respect I show you and leave me be if all you have to do is complain my way isn’t right.

Thank you for your time and please have a wonderful day.


If you’d like to share I’d be Interested in what you’ve been doing and learning .

Welcome to the forum :two_hearts:

If you need any help with vibrational energetic frequencies I might be able to help… 🤷

Hope you enjoy your time here within BALG :two_hearts:


Hello, my name is Redshaka, I am from South Africa.
I come from a christian background, but I have become a follower of the Left Hand Path about 3 years ago. I have a great liking for using the Ouija Board, however I am still at a beginner stage. So I am still studying it bit by bit, so that I can invoke Azazel and establish a real qualitative relationship with him. My current struggle is to find this inner stillness in order to develope psychic abilities. Until now I did not any extra-ordinary spiritual experience worth mentioning, but I am hopeful about improvements that would manifest at some point. It is great to be in this forum.


I’m 30 years old
I’ve been into magic since birth but really didn’t start doing magic feeling out of place unique something was different with me at the age of 9 or so. I like plain magic wicca hoodoo I’m pretty open minded to things and like to learn. I’m from Orlando Florida.

I hail from? Idk its confusing first Gods that came to me as a child was Baal Demeter Ares Aphrodite Hecate Freya I was about 9 yrs old had knowledge of them…


Hey I’m Ash! I actually stumbled across this website trying to find ways to ground myself with a pendulum. I ended up making a account not knowing that this was a place of darker magic I guess you can say. I have experience with pendulums as well as scrying. I recently started developing my clairvoyant abilities which has been an amazing experience.I have been looking at different post out of curiosity and I hope to gain some knowledgeable information and be able to see a different side of things that I’m used to. Thanks for having me!


Hi I’m 55 and listen to Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Kiss, Dio and stuff.
I read on magick since I was 12 years when I started out with Franz Bardon and soon discovered the Golden Dawn, i.e. Crowley, Regardie, Fortune and others. I have an interest in almost any magical topic.
I think I’m neither rhp nor lhp or maybe both. I consider myself a RHP person but feel drawn to a lot of LHP persons like Mr. Koetting or JSK so I don’t know where I stand.
But I think this is an old aeon distinction anyway.

I think this is the best occult forum that exists!

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Thank you, @Jackie for doing an introduction as requested, but do you actually practice anything? All you have told us so far is that you read…

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Hi, My name is Donnovan Okoth. I’v devoted my life to black magick, specifically the Path of Smoke. Before this, as a child i tended to see phantoms and experience paranormal activities but as i grew up, i lost touch with my psychic side and ended up becoming a Christian fanatic who was reading revelation scriptures out loud in classrooms. Though my life took a turning point because just like any fanatic, i wanted to KNOW GOD, i wanted a relationship and after hours and hours of praying i eventually persisted enough to bump across books on Christian Gnosticism. I read them and found that one can actually have powers! So i read even more books, wound up in hermeticism, then Tantra. One day, i bumped into a book called ‘‘The Lesser keys of Solomon’’ in my quest for the pearl of god and that is where my journey with the devil begun. I will never forget that night. The fear and excitement was immense. From there i spent some time educating myself about devil worship and i have had paranormal experiences that even i cannot answer from possessions, spirits in my dreams and weird synchrinocities. Though some of the things worth mentioning is getting to know hidden parts of your shadow, mine though was not so pretty and trust me…having to deal with murderous thoughts tends to be crazy but i am very happy to have it in my life. I did not even perform any rite, all i did was continue to ask the infernal divine to empower me, Satan to possess me and lived in an adversarial way just happened to wake this side of me.
My goal right now is to become Kunda and to find my true will in life through various rites of dark alchemy. I am currently working with the BMOA together with some work in Soul Retrieval book by Enoch.

My struggles for some time have been opening my third eye while i am in a seated posture though it happened once in the past where i was able to meditate for 30 minutes and i saw purple clouds in my inner eye. Funny enough, everyday i have been bombarded with suggested videos for opening the third eye, hearing spirit names whom i have never heard of (like Behemoth) and when i search for them i find that one of their primary attributes is to open the third eye (Behemoth removes the barriers that hinder psychic perceptions). That at least has motivated me and i am sure in time, not only will i ‘see’ very easily but i will also be able to open my other chakras.
Devour, destroy, become or be crushed


Hello. You can call me Cy. I’m relatively new to magick, and I’m trying to find a good place to start. The main things I’ve found myself interested in are, Thelema, Chaos Magick, Gnosis, some eastern philosophy and whatever else piques my interest at the moment.

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@Zedichai4747 Thank you for doing an introduction as requested, but you haven’t told us anything about yourself or your experience in magick.

Where do you hail from?

Do you have any actual experience in magick? You said you’ve “been interested” in it for 15 years but not if you practice anything.

This is important information to include so please elaborate more.

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