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Hello, my name is Annie, pronouns she/her, age 25 from CA United States. My line of work is totally unrelated, I suffer from physical disability so right now I’m a full time advocate fighting the horrific human rights violations currently being perpetrated within the American medical system. My primary goal in life is to get well enough I can go to med school and become a doctor.

I don’t know what kind of magic I like yet, I’m so new to this I don’t know what I don’t know. I grew up Roman Catholic, I rejected it for science, I was a staunch atheist for years, I never thought I’d be in this position.

I played with a Ouija Board at a sleepover when I was a kid, nothing out of the ordinary happened at the time but I guess it opened a door and someone on the other side of it took an interest.

Why I’m here instead of consulting an exorcist is a long story that I believe is more appropriately told in a different post but the short version is an entity claims to be protecting me & there is enough evidence that is the case that I believe him. I think I may have benefitted from his help in matters up to & including personal safety.

I’d like to know more about him, so for now my goal is simply to communicate safely and effectively. From what I gather interacting with these beings comes with it’s own theory & culture that is presently unfamiliar to me.

I expect I’ll develop more long term goals once I become a bit more knowledgable and have a chance to discover my strengths & weaknesses.

I look forward to learning from all of you, please don’t be shy with the advice.


Welcome to the rabbit hole that is the BALG forum!


Hello my name is hadeel I’ve been very fascinated and drawn into witchcraft for almost 2 years now I’ve never experienced any paranormal actives or became conscious in my dreams but my curiosity is leading me into this path my goals are to find out if magic is real and use it liberate myself and expand my consciousness
And work with the djinn as witch
My struggle is that I feel like I have long way to go to awaken my powers since I don’t feel like I have any yet any help,guide,recommendations will be helpful.
Thank you


Welcome to the BALG forum, @Hadella!


Hello there. Happy Holidays!
I’m Traveller. Viatrix. Trix. I’m fine with either.

Magick and spirituality has been in and out of my life since I was a child due to the influences of my family’s religious practices (folk Catholicism, Umbanda and some eclectic witchcraft), unusual “dreams”, spooky experiences, my own curiosity about the morbid & unusual and the Occult and its Arts.
Unfortunately, looking for answers when I was younger led me nowhere. Asking questions to the wrong people led me to answers filled with fear-mongering; and because of the language barrier at the time, the only material available were scare tactics nicely hidden under a coat of light. I got frustrated, so I led myself to some sort of soft atheism when I was a teenager.
Eventually, I stopped pretending my curiosity was snuffed away, so I went back to my search for something during my early 20s. Whatever I had in my hands didn’t really motivate me to begin my path because most of the time I was exposed to the RHP/White Lodge point of view. Spent 75% of my time reading and researching, 25% testing stuff by myself. It wasn’t a complete waste of time though. It was fun, but I was still unsatisfied. So I just kept looking…
Somehow, in early 2017, I stumbled upon the LHP/Black Lodge point of view. Diabolism and Demonolatry, Michael Aquino’s work, Traditional Satanism and Luciferianism, the Qliphoth, etc. I performed a ritual in July of this year in the night of the blood moon and it went well. Not sure if that’s really where I’m supposed to be, but it feels right. My desire for knowledge - and more - is back.

I have lots of debugging to do in my psyche (fears, anxieties and whatnot) and I admit I’m very undisciplined. My current goals are sticking to a daily routine of meditation, energy work and opening (reopening?) my astral senses. Every once in a while I have these feelings that I should just rush everything, even though I know should not hurry. For now, I’d rather not plan any grandiose goals until I get the basics.
After all, I can’t really swim in the open ocean if my body can’t endure it.

Nice to meet you all. (:


I was an old member here. A friend made me close my account “for my own safety,” but I’m back. My account was closed and made an anon account. My old account names were either RE3 or Mystique. If it’s even possible to get my account back?

Favorite entities/deities were Azazel, Deimos, and Apollo


Welcome to the forum. x


Hello, my name is Bogdan, been lurking BALG for a while now and decided to join today.

Currently i’m taking it slow with Wicca and The 72 Angels of Magick.
Been reading a lot about Belial and would like to work with him someday. (Sounds like a great character)

I felt strongly attracted to magick since i was a child, but never had the time or balls to practice it.

My mom passed away 1 month ago aged 56.
She didn’t have any life threatening problems, just a wrong diagnostic, wrong medication which lead to Meningitis and took her away.

All this got me depressed and i feel its time to get into serious magick, find some answers about my mom’s death, communicate with her and even ressurect her if there is a chance in the world. (I would take it)
I love my mom dearly and her death devasted me completely.

I will stick around and hopefully be part of this amazing community.


Hello I’m Maharisha , I’m a hedge witch and I’ve been practicing about 15 years.
I am a Satanist but i also work with Kali and Shiva.
I’m into meditation and yoga. I grew up in a Christian family in a Pentecostal church. I never choose christ he was forced on me at a young age. So i hold some distain for pushy xtians.
Other than that I’m pretty laid back.
Looking forward to meeting new people.


Hey there! My name is Katja

I’m quite new to the pratical side of black magick but ive been on/off practicing (mainly just meditation and simple energy stuff) since I was about 12. Rest of the time I read, and i’ve been lurking here for a while.

Im looking to make contact with King Paimon and I did my very first invocation today (yay!). Im looking to find a way to allow my true personality to really come through and to just slowly progress as a person and a magician.

I am really struggling with some issues such as blockages and I feel like i’m stuck in one place but I am working to create a better routine to help fix my problems.



Welcome to the forum!


I’ve been into magic from the age of 16, when I told my first fortune.
I’m able to see spirits and speak to them.
I started on the right hand path; but decided the left hand path is “more me”. Therefore, I’d like to associate with anyone of like mind and learn more, as one never stops learning.


Welcome to the rabbit hole of BALG! We have magicians of all kinds and all paths here so we’re all pretty friendly!


I find this very interesting! Can you tell me more about this Bodomite. I bisexual and i work with Baphomet.


Hey I’m new here. My main interests are spiritual warfare, the destruction of cosmic order and being a vehicle for chaos. I also like anything 218/182 current related


hi everyone, I’m new here. I started reading up on left hand path beginning of this year when I faced love issues. The issues are not resolved yet and I am still reading and looking for help. I hope I will be able to communicate with the entities one day soon. Nice to meet you :slight_smile:


Wassup I’m John and to be honest, I’m currently not in any religion or cult right now. I’m on my own. Just a guy who is spiritual and looking for REAL happiness.

I meditate everyday, and I’m very into subliminals. Actually researching subliminals led me to a post on here. So for that matter I’m going to ask a few questions, what’s the best software to create my own and the best software to reaveal hidden subliminals. Also if anyone can tell me what significant results they had with subs & which ones have they used. Also which subs or sub channels on YouTube should I avoid. Thank you and I’m happy to have found this site, I can say there’s alot of interesting stuff on here!


Thank you, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

There are a plenty of threads on subliminals so please avail yourself of the search function in the upper right and enjoy!


Thank you and please feel free to answer any of my questions I asked on the other post!


Welcome to the forum. There is an open mindedness to this forum. I’m pretty sure there is no religious pushing on here it’s part of the forum rules.