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I love tobacco as an addict. And you’re a loner who can make stuff. I’ve feeling you’ll do well. I really do sister.




Tobacco is a fantastic herb. I treat it was a sacrement full of nicotine. Such joy! I slow smoke a pipe, the occasional cigar, use nasal snuff and take oral tobacco – but not all at once. My only regret is that I never got into tobacco before the legal age – at the time 18 years. And I wish I’d have had someone instruct me on nasal snuff years before I discover it. I grow, cure, ferment and flavour my own. I’m heavily and wonderfully addicted. It’s who I am.

And your cigarette sure makes a powerful statement. Love it!



Thank you for your replies.

I won’t lie, I’d rather give up the occasional beer or wine before I’d give up smoking. I’d give up coffee before I’d stop smoking. Never tried chewing, mostly because I’d have to fight an uphill battle with stained teeth.
But smoking is something that’s a comfort to me, almost ritualistic: taking the paper out, spreading the tobacco on top and rolling it close and lighting it.

Good day to you and enjoy your tobacco!


Hello, My name is Charles. I don’t have any current photos of myself. I am not new to magick but I still don’t know a lot about it. I want to learn to become a master sorcerer and improve my life. I am very interested in the demons Satanachia and Berith. My struggles in life at the moment is I am moving out of this recovery home I have been staying at for the past 8 months. I have legal issues I still have to deal with. Anyway it’s a cool site so far and I hope to be able to get on here more now that I am going home.



I rarely had anyone call me that without me having doomsday scenarios play out in my head pertaining to real life

don’t get me wrong , I love history frater
if you are interested in religion history , I’d love to talk at all times
I’m not easily put off by christian beliefs either , I often think that those that hold up the bible against me didn’t read the thing at all … not even once



Old rhp days, but I like it.
And get into nasal snuff - it’s life changing and really sets you apart from the herd!



Hi my name is yisrael

The kind of Magick I like is necromancy, pyromancy most vampyrism,draconian,sigils work, candle magick,blood magickEgyptian Magick heka.
My goal is to further into black Magick left hand path to connect and be initiated with undead God’s as well vampyrism gods,goddess, as well be initiated into necromancy ,and apply it daily .I do DESIRE to practice Egyptian Magick, as well to work with current of the Dragon, also invocation,and evocation.
I’m deep into vampyrism to be initiated into vampyric practice vampyre magic, I do DESIRE to practice scrying black mirror.i love to heal with HERBS as I like to learn how to make essential oil blend for rituals. Like to work Akhkharu vampyre of ANCIENT


I just started the course black Magick course The left hand path I love it I’m honor to be here and apply black Magick daily to progress. I love vampyrism I do want to learn how work with shadow


My interest ASTRAL vampyrism ,shadow vampyrism, psychic vampirism, predatory vampyrism


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


So… I’m darkwolf… Can’t remember how the name stuck but it did… Not really a photo person. Umm I’m new to magick, I’m really interested in astral travel and love magic. I want to be able to astral travel and find love and to live my life comfortably. My goal here is to be the best version of myself and be loved. I struggle with visualization and idk


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: I’m sure you’ll find plenty of information here to help you with your goals!


Also struggle with money, making money, keeping money and trying to get out of this shelter.


Hello, my name is Yaskm. I’ve been practicing for only two years but had the time to dive deep and ask questions to spirits of all sorts. I wouldn’t consider myself a black magician more grey. Even though angels have never been very helpful and micheal is a real ass. I’m a Leo, like long walk on the beach and thrive in chaos of all kinds. I’m looking forward to getting to know more people who practice, sharing experiences, and hopefully be able to share good advice.


Thank you for doing an introduction and welcome the forum! :slight_smile:


Hi, I am Arjun. I like black magic and I’m new to the occult for just around 2 months. I’m also a theistic satanist. My current goals is to perform a perfect invocation of demons. My current struggles is to find the appropriate tools.


Welcome to the forum



You are the appropriate tool. Open up yourself. Start practising - Doing. Now!



Im new to the left hand path as i grew up a Christian but due to a series of unforeseen events i became a Satanist (By doing the dedication ritual described by the Joy of satan ministry as it was the first one o found and I was in a rage and controlled by my emotions ) and my only regret is not joining the left hand path sooner,although it is a solitary life as my family and friends are all Christians and don’t know about the fact that I’ve chosen the left hand path. I’ve been studying and practicing for about 2 years now. I’ve experimented with Luciferian and Satanism and iv studied books from Aleister Crowley;Anton Szandor LaVey and more. I’ve created a few rituals using choas magic(sigils and servitors),sex magic,blood magic, bottle magic and knot magic and some banefull curses which has brought me a temporary amount of success . I’ve also experimented with gnosis, evocation, invocation ,multiple divination methods and kuji-in meditation. Im still studying,seeking out and experimenting with new forms of magic as i continue to learn.


Lol. Took forever to scroll. Ok.
Hi. My name is Xiarra and I am about to turn 33. Yay. Im not sure what kind of magician I am honestly since magic and i tend to be intandem. I dont cast circles simply because my situation does not allow for it at the moment. I do have a very long and ongoing relationship with spirits both human and other.

My magical experiences include spirit comunication, divination, dream battles, extradimentional communication (ie aliens …they are so awsome) and my favorite. Crystal Magic…
My challenges are reading if you can believe it but i think its because when i read any magical text its as if a deeper part just skips right to the good stuff. Possessions work pretty well but its seems most divine beings would rather not possess me.
So from my perspective any spirit or entity is like family to me. Satan,Azazel, and Lilith are the main events at the moment. They always greet me with a gentle love and respect i doubt any human can master. Thats it for now but yeah im about as normal weird as they come. Thanks so much you guys it really feels great to know im not the only one out here with these talents. Maybe someone can help me find an apropriate way to focus without crystals although they help alot.