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Thank you @DarkestkNight.


My name is abra.
I am a fan of all types of magic pertaining to the left hand path
My goal is to gain my astral powers, learn new things and bring great power to Earth.
My struggles in magic are that I have not been able to speak with any spirits as of yet.




Thank you, and welcome!




My name is Samuel Hanson, I live in Tanzania.
I have no kinder magic actions but I do really love to have ones.
I currently working my self as a self-employed person.
But I do really want to meet with Lord Lucifer so as I can sale what is mine and working with him.


Hello Timothy and everyone,

My name is Nicole and I come from a bloodline of ancestors who practiced magick. As a young child (perhaps as early as 3 years of age) I have vivid memories of astral projection and being visited by deities. I struggled for a number of years with a deep desire to know more and have been drawn to the underworld. Religion guilted me for most of my adult life into believing that I was wrong. Society deemed me ‘weird’ so I kept it a secret. A couple of years ago I found myself back to learning about who I am and why I am here.

My passion is astrology and I am an occultist. My favorite practice is sex magick and I would like to learn more and discuss more of my experiences with this form of magick and also have some questions about going deeper into the practice.



Greetings. I recently discovered these forums, however I began my interest in the left-hand path about three years ago after a very intense awakening and near-death experience. I was ill much of the time so I could not properly begin my studies. I am seeking to expand my knowledge and it seems BALG is a good place to start.


My name is Aman
Well, I don’t know well about magic that’s why I’m here
My goal is to be a living God
Struggle: I’m scared of all these things Still I’m here that’s the biggest struggle for me!


My name is Aman and I’m from India. I’m very keen to learn. So , will you tell me how to do it.?

New comer

What’s up my names Chris and I’ve been here before under “AzazelsAngel” but for some reason it doesn’t allow me to get back into that account, anyways I’m an 18 yo who wishes to learn and grow but also obtain some knowledge on how to perform some rituals because at this point I feel like I have nothing to loose.


Have you ever done black magic?


Honestly I’ve never tried my family use to be really big into it, and I wasn’t permitted to go anywhere near it


My name is aba sidd
I like interacting with many spirits. I have not cast a magical spell nor talked with any entities as of yet.
My goal is to elevate my senses.


Oh. Well nice to meet you ummm your name?


Im homicide, black magician, ex-demonologist, now i work only with spirits of living and dearly departed…

i came to discuss about dragonic magick, im training to be anti mindcotrol programmer / excorsist.

im musician and will write few books when i grow bit older…

ask anything i anserw.


Hello all! I’m Eli. I’ve been lurking here for awhile, figured I should finally make a profile. I’ve been in and out of the occult since I was a kid, now I’m in finally getting serious with it. Look forward to meeting you all!


U also new comer?


Been here before just wasn’t able to get into my old account