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Welcome to the forum @Unitythetwilight, @Maetryl and @arielxxst ! Enjoy the ride! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! :smiley:


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Hello Everyone, calling name is next.
here to learn and read about the practices and everything else.
trying to solve an issue of mine through magic after doing every mundane thing possible and being scammed by some googled websites.
trying to understand rituals and how to possibly do one my self.


Hello everyone,

I am Alexander from the NY area. I am a practicing vitki (norse sorcerer). I work under Asbjorn Torvol. I have a history in Haitian vodou,traveled to Haiti,also was initiated into Santeria. I currently and only work with the Norse at the moment since they seem to respond internally to me more than others. I study the runes,I also do engravings of sigils on wooden coasters and create fetishes dedicated to the Norse,all types of entities.

My goal is to create strong enough magic to pierce the physical realm. To take it to a high enough level where my will becomes reality.

My struggle is lack of psychic sensitivity.


Hi everyone I’m Tre; honestly I dnt have a type of magic yet I’m hoping I find where I belong here. So far I am feeling better that I joined I love everyone here! I’m on a journey to understand truth and debunk what I was forced to believe as a child. (Christianity) . My one weakness is my ability to see my true potential! I honestly need help unlocking all that’s within since for years it has been forced into hiding. When I was around the age of 16 I was at my peak with magic and let it all go as I “grew up” but now that I am awake I know I have it in me just need help unlocking it. One great strength of mine is dreams!


Hello, everyone. My name is Caoimhe, though everyone calls me Evie. I’ve been studying various types of paganism and magick for about 8 years now, have been centering my focus around demons and theistic satanism for about three of those. I’ve begun setting up a local group in my area and like to sift through the forum looking for ideas upon which to base our study sessions and find new insight for different topics. My father is a pastor, so my favorite pastime is exploring the skewed ethics of the bible, chatting up demons, and playing pranks on my cat.


My name is Anthony
I am a true novice to all of this.
I was brought here after losing everything do to my health. Now with facing the loss of my home and the 2 year battle with social security taking it toll on myself and my family. I have decided to reach out and pleage myself to the old gods to bring my life back into balance.


Hello all!! Im 21 and I’m just stating out on the left hand path! I know nothing about anything so I’m trying to learn as I go!


Spend a day or two here and you’ll see the true meaning of magick


Hi everyone, my name is Ruth, I am an empath and have worked with Lilith for about 15 years. A former grey witch and have mover to the black over the years. I looking forward to supercharge my magickal practice. Glad I found BALG!


Lulu here , satanits ,luciferian , qhlippothist , no specific attribute , am humbled to be here .
Here to learn ,interact and share …xoxo ave satana


Welcome to BALG…


Hi Everyone, my name is Marc, I started the divination course, I am curious where it will lead me, I always had something with healing and magic, but never really had a breakthrough in those area’s, tried a lot… Thank you


Hi, might as well introduce myself. My name is Jay Frost and from Auckland New Zealand. 18 years of age and completely new to the supernatural but have this inner desire to know more. Mainly here to gain knowledge and understanding of the things we can’t see in the physical realm as this is extremely interesting to me personally. Looking forward to learning more and engaging with others out there in this field.



Hello there, I’m Starry-Nite and am a home-based Bridal Dress designer. Married, no kids, a german shepherd dog. I have had spirits of all sorts visit me over the years, which lead me to do Card readings in my spare time and a bit of magic every now and then.
I came across this site accidently when i searched … don’t even remember now…:thinking… ah yeah I was searching for Lace fabric on Google and this site opened somehow!!! Nothing whatsoever to do with fabrics :confused: I read the forums and found this site very interesting and many topics i’m really liking and have in common with. I haven’t done any spells for a few years being so busy with my dressmaking, but since i’ve stumbled across this site i just have to get back into it asap. :smile: everyone seems so helpful and full of tips, i can’t wait to join in the convos etc… I live in Australia, born in Spain. :smiley:


Welcome to the rabbit hole that is BALG, @Starry-nite, @LeKopo and @Atriel! Enjoy the ride! :slight_smile:


• Your name:aaron but im changing my name to jack
• Photos if you’re comfortable:maybe later on
• Kinds of magick you like: black magic
• Current goals:to make new friends and try to get a familiar
• Current struggles[/quote]: im not so sure ig my current struggle is getting used to my new environment

im a beginner at this i would love some tips if that’s ok


Hello Demons my name is justis i been seeking magic for about 5 months now haven’t did any practices just soaking up all the knowledge but will be invoking lucifer soon


Hola a todos! Por ahi hay un post que dice: say hi! yo. Aca soy Intercambio Equivalente…recapitulando en mi historia pude observar que al escuchar y ofrecer ayuda, yo quedaba vacia por dias…asi que me esforce mucho por aprender a manejar el caudal, la intencion y el DESEO…por eso mi nombre. Los leo atentamente y sin duda he visto que todos los dias se aprende mas que algo nuevo y otras cosas que sospechaba…se confirman!!!
Mi tendencia antigua era atraer gente con males de salud y tristeza (explore varias areas para capacitarme desde mi interes sin intencion de dedicarme a otros) pero evidentemente se me acerca gente igual… asi que por aqui me quedare a investigar, aprender y entender que es lo que me favorece en mi desarrollo magico.
Quienllego a leer hasta aqui: gracias por tu paciencia! En el celu es re incomodo ingresar :joy: