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@Lupa Yes we all have them :wink:


Hi I’m new today is my 1st day I’ve been doing spiritual enlightenment for 5years now my great grandma was a voodoo priestess and I come off as a show off know it all so I apologize in advance, my witch name is the angelis mortis which means angel of death, which I am very proud of that talent anyway you can call me Joe Joe if you like it’s nice to meet everyone umm when people first meet me I look sweet and innocent so I call it the Lucifer effect hint the devil was once an angel I am nice very mannerisms but I do have a bad temper I look forward to making friends here
Oh I forgot to add all the magick I do I am electic so I do all magick I am very good at making holy oil, holy water, holy bath water, voodoo dolls I just started that, djinn magick is my specialty, I do allot of voodoo and allot of other magick as well


First I apologise in advance that my English is very bad :frowning:
I’m Muzammil. I love to learn all type of magic at this time I use Arabic talisman and work with Orisha Shango.
Hope I will learn much more here
Love you :smile:


I’ll use the name Elle (it’s part of my name)

No pics, sorry

I’m used to HooDoo and a bit of Santeria

Current goals: to get the life I was meant to have back. People have done work on me and to me and my life for a myriad of reasons. None appropriate or warranted. I’ve been abused, homeless, sick and a lot more. the worm has turned and is now packing an Uzi (it’s a line from a movie, no violence intended).

Current struggles in order:
I need my husband back from the parasite who took him (oddly enough it’s my son’s girlfriend)
Get my grandparent’s property back from those who stole it
Pay my abuser back for all he stole from me and my son

I forgot to add that I do have abilities. Not sure what their proper names are, though. I know things before they happen, I can get a read on someone just by looking at them, I can see spirits, with certain people (like my husband) I can communicate without words, I can transport myself to other places and time without much work… there are some others, but I’ll stop there.

I’ve done some reading on here and you all seem very open minded and not judgmental at all. I need that right now.


Money, forced love and revenge… The three most treated arguments.
I’d like to read more about the parasite story anyway…

Welcome on board.


Not forced love at all (on my part). She doesn’t love my husband, she loves my son. She just doesn’t want my husband with me because she’s pushed my son so far the doesn’t want her anymore. She left my son for my husband thinking the grass was greener and found out quickly it was not. She’s been behind my husband’s back trying to get my son to forgive her. I want her out of all of our lives.

As far as my husband goes, he’s ashamed to face me after all he’s done, but he’s miserable with her too. Both of their lives have gone to crap (is that ok to say?) since they got together. He’s not treating her well, either. But he’s got himself enmeshed in her family and living with them so it’s not so simple, unfortunately.

As far as being a parasite, I’ve had readings and she’s not doing anything magical. She’s a liar and uses sex to keep a guy because frankly she doesn’t have much else to offer.


Hi, I’m Jay, I’ve been interested in the occult and such for pretty much my entire life though I’m very new to all this. I’m most interested in spirits, speaking to them and learning from them. I don’t know much about magick yet.
My main goal is to learn as much as possible really. I want knowledge and skills. Current secondary goal is be able to punish people who deserve it.
My primary struggle is that I’m just dumb as hell honestly. Also need to develop my sensitivity to such things and not be so skeptical. I’m going to need a LOT of help.


I wrote this on someones forum but I hope this helps you with your money issues
I bought a djinn ring for finance and it has helped me allot I do have some money coming in but that extra money has helped I also have given money out as well so if this helps in anyway I hope it does
Sorry I forgot to add you can look on wish, etsy or Amazon for Djinns I saw some being sold on eBay as well I bought a few from Amazon and Etsy specific place to look on Etsy haunted items
Hopes this helps you all in anyway


It definitely does, thank you so much. My BFF talks of Djinns often, so that just solidifies I am in the right place. :slight_smile:


Hello Guys

I’ve been growing up with my Asia granny who know how to contact goodness, and i learnt some skill with her, however, since I move out, I lose such ability, and now I want to regain this ability.

My current skill is dream with my late father, he brought me to japan, the underworld japan for travel, as I always want to go there and never been there before. It was amazing.

I only know how to use sage and that’s all, and I love to extend my skill set.

Please tell me where should I start.

Anton XX


Hey all, I’m Maer! I’ve always been drawn to the occult, but its hard to find teachers in person. I prefer learning from others mistakes as I’d rather not make them :slight_smile: but I am open to all lessons in the name of knowledge.


I forgot to say thank you for the welcome.

Oh and before my grandmother died, my uncle and his wife did some fugazi stuff and married her off to some guy so they could forge her will. She would never have married someone else after my grandfather (he passed away 6 years earlier). In forging the will, they took all the properties my grandparents owned. My grandmother never would have done that. There was one property she would have left to no one but me. Both my uncle and his wife are literal crackheads. I’ll add more when I am ready to fix all of this.


Is there something more? wow. Anyway as i said I’ve found interesting the parasite story, and reading your first post i thought that the key to revert the situation could be here:

Maybe is possible to force her on say the truth, that in my opinion is also ethically correct, and i have seen someone have treated this argument before on this forum. After that, and i think this is not ethically correct, if the thruth thing is not enought you may try to low down or turn off her “sexal appetite” (About this i have found nothing on this forum, but you may have more fortune than me, or you may open a new original thread)


Well I froze my husband’s penis, so the sex thing should be handled. I did a spell to get him to lose his job, but he lost a promotion instead. Either way he’s miserable at a job he shouldn’t be at anyway.

And yes, there is a LOT more. The most pertinent thing is to get my husband out of the house and away from her. But he’s unfortunately more comfortable in a crappy situation than he is fixing all he’s done with everyone he’s upset and alienated. Should I start a thread for this?


Hello, mu name is Lola. I am a newcomer to this blog, as clear by the fact that im writing on it :sweat_smile:. Im a graduating student and have always had an interest in the supernatural and improving my own beliefs of this world.

this is me,

Ive currently had a peaked interest in spiritual lovers, and have tried calling upon an Incubus. Whether i was successfull or not i have yet to discover.
My goal is to become more spiritually aware and learn and understand the supernatural and magick.


Hello I’m jaycee I’m new to magic but I’m willing to learn all…ever since i was little i was interested in magic and curious about demons…at first i thought they were evil cause that’s what the church taught but now i see different…i enjoy reading the different topics on this site and I’m glad i joined…nice to meet you all…


My name is Ahsen. I am new to the occult but like summoning different spirits and communicating with them. I have some experience with meditation. My goal is to master things like telekensis and teleportation. Also change my fate so my soul can take the form of a demon when i die. My current struggles are that i cannot focus for long periods of time.


Pakistan se ho?


Hi i am anna
Nice to meet you all,
Im a beginner and im happy to learn more with the guidance of all of the members here,


Hey everyone, my name is Logan. I’m 20 and I live in North Carolina. My goal is to learn the history of the world. Before man and during man from a spirit not a human. History has always been a passion of mine. Obviously, I also want to Ascend and all that good stuff as well through whatever system or spirit that calls to me. I say It like that because I am a super novice at magic.
My third eye isnt even opened, so far I’ve just watched a ton of youtube vids. My struggle is that i live in an environment that is very close minded. If lit incense was seen and me just trying to meditate hysteria will occur. So im in a trap as far as practice goes until im in my own place but I continue to learn from vids and whatever else I can. I hope to have some awesome conversations and meet great people.

Best Regards