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Hello I’m M. I’ve had an interest in the occult for many years now, but have only recently began working with the Goetia. I just want to attain happiness for myself and others, as it’s something I’ve struggled with my whole life. I wish everyone success on their journeys, and look forward to learning from this forum.


Hi- I’m Isa. Screenname Calib. Last spring I was introduced to candle magick and my interest has just gotten larger. I found this forum googling sigils and decided to join rather continue lurking. Currently I am learning about both the left and right path and am interested in both. My goal is to learn and be able to take what I learn to achieve personal goals.


Hi, I’m Amer, I’m here to gain some knowledge about magick, I’m still a beginner but I’m taking it seriously, I do want to bring some excitement into my life through using magick, I hope I’ll be able to influence my material life in someway using any kind of magick. I’m feeling comfortable for now with using the techniques of making servitors as it does not include any communications with the demonic spirits which is the main obstacle that stops my progress. My current goal is to create a servitor that would contribute somehow to my reality, it’s the easiest kind of magick I feel safe when practicing now, no demons involved yet. my current struggle is dealing with the Goetia entities, too early for a novice like me to get into.


Thank you, and welcome!

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European spirits se murad ?

Meny African Orishas se bhi help li hai r Kali Maa se bhi jab mujh pe attack hua tha…

Lekin yar abhi tk third eye open nhi hui…

Ap ne koi evoking ki hai ?

Meny Islamic taweezat waghera hi se shuru kiya lekin hamary han Elm.sikhany ka rujhan to hai nhi lehaza idhar udhar takkaren marta rehta hun…

Ap kis city se ho, men Karachi se hun

Lahore se hun. Abhi USA me college ke liye aaya hua hoon. Hmm meny online amazon pe aik book purchase kee thee. “Demons of magick” ke naam se. Uss me Demons ke saath kaam karnay kee buht achi information thee. Iss book me 72 demons ka zikr thaa. Unn ko summon karnay ke methods, protection ritual, ritual to end summoning, etc. Magar kuch experience ke baad i dont think protection kee itnee zurarat he.

Also i dont think ke aap ko Spirits ke saath kaam karnay ke liye 3rd eye open karnay kee zurarat he. 3rd open honay se communication improve ho saktee hai magar meray experience me agar Demon ya spirit ka sigil use kar ke uss ko proper ritual ke saath summon karein to woh summon ho jata hai aur aap uss ko apnee instructions de saktay hein.

Book me koi Indian ya Arabic entities ka zikar nahi hai. Aap ka phone number kya hai? Wahan behtar baat ho saktee hai.

Han ap thk keh rhy ho k 3rd eye ki zaroorat nhi hoti spirits se kam leny k liye lekin thk tor pe bat krny k liye hoti hai bat confirm ho jati hai k kia ho rha hai kia chal rha hai…
Ap ne 72 demons of Solomon’s ka zikr kia hai shayad to ap ne kitny demons ko summon kiya hai ?

Haan aap kee baat theek hai. Mein ne filhal 8 demons ke saath kaam kia hai. Kuch Norse ( northern european) entities ko bhee summon kia hai (Odin, Thor, Balder). Mein jab spirits ko summon karta hoon tu unn ke saath properly communicate karta hoon. Sometimes unn ko kisi form mein dekh sakta hoon. Mein aap ko text karoon ga. Wahan behtar baat ho sakti hai.

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Very good.
Ap kis tarhan se bat krty ho ?
Meditation daily krty hain ap ?
Kitna time ho gya magic practice krty huey ?
Ap ne spells use ki hain ?
Mera WhatsApp pe bhi yehi no hai ap direct no pe msg krna phr bat krty hain

Hello All:)
Zyrayel here. I purchased a book of baneful magic a few years ago and have kept bumping into Luciferianism over the years since. I have a lot of questions and have found a few answers over the course of just a few short forum links here and there over the years as well. In all honesty, I don’t think God as some understand him was at all trying to save us because we needed a savior but came himself to show us what idiots we were/are to believe the majority of the humanized crap written about him. In essence, making us all fools for ever thinking we needed saving or blood sacrifices, to begin with (I’m not speaking of ritual energy offerings here). He/she/other and All being good and evil and neither, I think sent himself/prophets master etc. in hope that we would someday come to the spiritual maturity to understand the oneness of us all with all things no matter their label other gods/goddesses included. I don’t think that God is the “bad guy” but I do find it humorous that most people “demonize” him/her now. Anyway I am here to learn. Thanks to all involved in making this an open forum.

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These things will be achievable I am sure. Welcome to the forum.

Hello, I am Solomon A.D.

I have been involved with some sort of magick for almost 20 years. I have experience ranging from Catholic magic, Santeria, Native American Shamanism and New Age stuff. These days I follow a beautiful middle path that ironically Yeshua has led me to. I work with both Celestial and Infernal forces primarily but also with a group of Servitors. I am trying to sharpen up my basics as far as the contemporary LHP goes. I am currently building better relationships with my Divine Family (patrons) Lilith, Azazel and Samael. I am very glad to be here.


Hi I’m Mina. Novice witch. Bloodline seer. I dabble in telepathic magick, hoodoo, elemental magick, and some left hand magick. My goals are to learn and become more advanced in my magick to elevate my life and finances. Current struggles is unblocking my magick for money and hex work.

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Hey guys,
i’m bia, from Brazil, and I’m here because a few months ago something very strange happened to me, some people told me this is like awaken, but this didn’t feel nice and cool as they said, it was painfull and very dark. Well, since that day I want to free my mind of all this plan and slavery and and body and soul and you know, everything, because I think something not feel really right, but of course, without killing me. hahaha :slight_smile: sry for my english, :sweat_smile:


Hi, my name is Azee

I’m new to LHP but I’ve done a lot of research and trying my best to learn and listen and see as best as I can along the way

my goals are to raise my vibrations and get more in tune with my spirit and study and practice magick/black magick, and I don’t see it ever stopping

I wish to eventually see, spesk and Interact/work with entities as friends and partners. to have relationships, as real as it can get, and like I said, spiritual partners in my journey on earth

my struggles right now are becoming more perceptive, and to finally have extensive interactions with spirits

my current goal is also to get further contact and progress with Belial

thanks for reading


Hello, my name is Travis

I am new to anything of the occult nature, but I am a long time lurker of this forum. I have read and digested much but have yet to put that knowledge to much use.

My goal is to understand myself like never before and become advanced at evocation, astral projection/soul travel, and energy work. There is a specific reason I decided to create an account of which I will soon make a post about.

I look forward to meeting and getting to know some of you(=

Thanks, VicinityGhost


I’ve been reading the Goetia for a while now.
Maybe 10+ years.
Never used it in a ritual though.
Never really wanted anything.
Maybe some drunken “accidents”…
I have questions about the Golden Seal.
I also wanting to know the how the effects of these spirits in our daily life.
Not just in ritual.
I also have questions on if rituals are even necessary.
Recently read Liber Astarte.

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Hi everyone. My name is Sue and I’m from UK. I’ve worked with Pagan Gods and Goddesses for a long time but have recently been drawn to the Goetia. I am researching thoroughly and doing a bit of lurking. I own a Spiritual business and other businesses too. I’m happily marrried with children, grandchildren and 2 cats! Nice to meet you all, looking forward to learning from you x


Welcome to the rabbit hole that is BALG! Enjoy the ride!


Hi, I’m from London.
Started out a few years ago in Chaos Magick.
Progressed to Demonic LHP work in the past year.
Recently started working with Lucifer and some of the Goetic demons.
Some good results, some works need further honing.
Hoping to learn even more from this pretty awesome forum.