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Welcome young seeker!


Your name: fizz
Kinds of magick you like: anything that gives me an advantage
Current goals: Gaining status
Current struggles: Feeling like magick doesn’t work


hey there my names isa

I’m new here, and recently started my journey as a magician. I’m really interested in the LHP, but also voodoo, and tarot reading. those things I would love to master and, of course, I want to get a high spiritual being.
my struggles are that I don’t really know where to start and the lack of information doesn’t really make it easier.

But reaching out to a big community like this should/will help me reach my goal so in some years I’m the one who can help other on their path

if you have any question just reply here ;D



Hi ya’ll, my nickname is Lam and I’m a 22yo girl living in England. I was born in a religious family, but always felt a longing for all things dark and magickal. As a child, the concepts of alchemy and other “otherworldly” things have always fascinated me.

That said, I have always been a spiritual person, avid meditator and an advocate of psychedelic drug use as a means of expanding one’s consciousness. I first came across demonolatry when I was 17, and since I have read the majority of literature that’s out there, but never considered it in a practical sense - be that out of fear due to my upbringing, or self-doubt. Not to bore you with the emo-kid bullshit, but I never felt like I belong in the world or known what I want to do or have, and at times the life as it is has lost all appeal. I tried so hard to be “good”, kind, and suppress my nature that, not gonna lie, magick and demons haven’t crossed my mind for a few years.

Until after a recent (this September) life event which I am now deeply grateful for, that reconnected me with my inner darkness if you will, and I realised that I have nothing to loose and everything to gain. I now am free of fear or misconceptions about the spirit world and welcome it gladly with open arms into my life.

I consider myself a follower of the Left Hand Path, with a particular interest in - you guessed it - demonolatry and invocation, and sigil magic, I suppose. I’m yet to cast my first spell and make contact with my first demon (any suggestions welcome).

I’m not afraid and believe in working with demons as equals, rather than standard Goetic invocation which is rather forced and disrespectful.

My goals are to expand my knowdledge of the LHP and learn as much as I can, make a pact with Satan, develop and perfect my psychic abilities, and the most pressing matter - gain financial stability, as currently I’m broke af :smiley: I have no magickal tools at the moment, apart from some candles and strong will/intent. And actually lemme just say, making likeminded friends is def one of my goals too, they aren’t easy to come across where I currently am. So dont be shy to @ me, I don’t bite… for the most part.

Thanks for readind!



Welcome to the family! We’re all glad to have you here, if you need anything just ask and I can pm you, I love sharing all I can on the arts.



I’m Monique, a closet transexual who wishes to remain anonymous. I have never practiced magick and do not belong to any particular way or discipline of metaphysical thought.

I’m intensely interested in the afterlife and the astral plane, however, as I see that as my only means to realize a certain desired existence, hermetically sheltered from ‘good’ in a salacious and loving hell. Those visions are wrapped in a warm, dark comforting blue glow.

I only signed up to this forum cause I wanted to ask a question, so I hope that will suffice as an introduction for now.


Thank you, and welcome! I hope you find what you’re looking for! :slight_smile:


Thank you, DarkestKnight! I’m sure it will be delightful!


Hello my name is kaylee I am 21 years old. I first started with magic when i was 13. I did a lot of water based tyoe magick to start with and communications with spirits through water kinda like palm reading but very different. Ive done white magick ever since i started magic it just came natural to me. Im a natural healer virgo indigo child empath and channaler for the spirit of sorrows (which means i take away pain sadness deoression ect of both this world and the spirit one). Recently ive struggled to astral project and use the third eye. I have tried for many many years it just doesnt want to happen for me alone. Tonight I have tried summoning king paimon to help with my little issue. That to i am struggling with. I was also trying to use my ouija board to make communicating with him easier since i can neither see or hear them (unless they get in my head and speak i can telepathically speak to them). I read the articke here about king paimon i dont have anything to offer him right now but on my next summoning which should be saturday ill be able to make a offering then. Since i was given wine last night. I have had my ouija board for the past month or so. I havent gotten a response yet but i will continue to try. Thanks for reading if you have any further questions about some experiences i have not posted here please message me. Thanks.




Good afternoon, It’s my time.
I have a real name
I live in Italy
I’m kinda a sociopath, don’t like people (especially them who lies), don’t like phisical contact or people that makes too many personal questions.
About feelings, sometimes i’m like a robot, but generally i have learned how to look normal.
Do I believe in magick? I don’t know, afterall i have never seen a real magician, or a real magic.
Why am I here? Because of a feeling.
What I am interested on? I want to understand if these magic stuffs are real and if could explain some things.
Personal Experiences? Yes, but nothing “classic” and i’m not ready to talk about it.

I will appreciate if anyone want to help me on find where to start, I’m a fast learner.

Sorry if my english is not good,


My “name” is Carmed. I’m from California. Back in 2009 I had my first experiences. I was able to read people right away in a very descriptive way. I was even feeling people’s pains and told them how to get rid of them. I’ve had OBEs, remote viewed, telepathy and etc. I don’t know what happened if I got scared or what that all that stopped.

So here I am looking for information and hoping that I can be able to do all that.


Hi my name is ChrisCiFuge I am new to the left hand path or Magick in general i have devoted the rest of my life to magic after all my life being raised and taught in the bullshit religion we all know as Christianity I never was comfortable or a believer in any of the bullshit lies i was being taught I was always scared to open a book or watch a video on magic until Christianity failed me so bad for the last time that one day I was drawn to watch a video by yours truly the one and only E.A. Koetting and from that point on I realized his upbringing and life hadn’t been to much different than mine. I am so happy to be a part of the left hand path but I am from Buffalo, NY where there is not to much going on and defiantly not many practicing Magick so I dont know anybody practicing Magick and I defiantly need friends and a Mentor so if anybody is willing to befriend and help me in my Magick journey please do [edit - please PM] thank you and I look forward to my journey on the left hand path.
My goals are to become the best Magician that I can bee and there are no Limits. I like and am interested in all types of magick I am fearless and want to learn all about everything for to me to stop learning is to stop Living. I have had struggles throughout my life now since ive started my Left hand path journey things are getting much better.


Welcome, but you may want to edit your intro and remove your email address and phone number. It is not safe to post such information to a public internet forum that can be viewed by anyone.


Thank you


Hey all, I’m Eresol, here to learn. I’m interested in many different forms of magick. My current focus is Egyptian magick.


Thank you very much for your help it is greatly appreciated.


I’d rather not share my real name here, at least not yet, so my name is Astral. I’ve always been interested in the occult, the paranormal, things of that nature, though unlike a lot of the stories I’ve read on here, I didn’t have a religious upbringing and actually know virtually nothing about organized religion, or magick for that matter. My parents consistently told me growing up that religion wasn’t real, god wasn’t real, etc, which is odd because recently they’ve adopted the opposite view.
I’ve always had some sort of abilities ever since childhood but never really knew them to be abilities until a little later in life, but haven’t ever actually practiced magick otherwise. I’ve had a handful of experiences that have led me in this direction but those are stories for another time, as they’re long on their own. I honestly don’t know what I’m doing here yet, but I stumbled upon the site a few days ago and something has been pushing me to join ever since.


Welcome to the rabbit hole that is the BALG forum! Enjoy the ride! :slight_smile:


Thanks! It’s cool to see this place is so active.