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Your obviously a btter person than they are no offense intended


I hope I’m doing this correctly. It’s been a long time since I’ve joined a forum…

My name is Rebekkah. I live in the US and I’m fairly new to LHP, though I’ve been reading and learning when I can for a few years now. As a child, I was baptized in a Christian church without knowing what a baptism was. At the age of 7, I began questioning Christian beliefs and at the age of 8, I renounced my faith after a traumatic experience.

For the longest time, I considered myself Wiccan, only to find myself questioning everything again. I came across the LHP and found a lot of my questions were being answered. My S.O. is very against the idea of the LHP, though their open to historical and logical discussions regarding religion, so I really have no one to turn to in my life to speak with or learn from.

I’m a newly registered member but I’ve been finding assistance through many posts on BALG, and am thankful to each member that has added information to the topics I’ve needed help with.

Also, I play a metric crap-ton of video games! Hope everyone has a great one!


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Im will to help with that


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Thank you! But I think I will start by learn things in here first. I think the community in here is amazing. I feel free to express my feeling because mostly people in here will not judge you for the thing that you will do, instead they give you support and also guidance,like. I’m grateful that I have found this forum. If I ever need your help, I will ask you :wink:


My name is Sam.
Magic I like is LHP and I’ve been reading the forum for a while to see if I want to join up.
I would like to learn more about astral travel and skills, and mind abilities like telepathy and maybe scrying.
Struggles are just healing from a breakup so trying to find things to distract myself because although I wish things were the same, it was a decision I made and its just better the way it is now.


hello I’m isley … I’m an apprentice of magic I’m 24 years old 5 years ago I was starting to read practice and I know it’s even more lacking …
I like to find this forum since this is a lonely road … but it is always good to help and cooperate with our fellow … I hope to get along with everyone and share about the infinite power of magic …lml


Hi, I’m William

I’ve mostly practiced hoodoo, syncretic folk magic passed down in my dad’s side of the family, and a bit of ceremonial magick, with a focus on love, domination, success, and curse work (my strongest suit with domination in a close second). I’ve always had an interest in all that you find in this forum, but I didn’t put much thought about getting into it though until seeing Andras’ sigil, which spoke to me in a different way any other that I’ve seen. After doing some research, my current theory for why I feel drawn to Andras is that the other side of my family has generations of and possibly ancient connections to Zoroastrianism, and Andras originated as a Zoroastrian daeva. I’ve since developed a goal of getting in touch with that side/the daevas and beginning to work with other non-Zoroastrian Goetic demons like King Paimon, Dra’Talon, and Dantalion. I’d say my main struggle is that I’m not educated or skilled enough in this kind of magick to go all in with complete confidence and safety just yet, but I hope to get there soon.


Welcome to the forum, @YMH, @Isley_magik, @Samnu, @Jollix, @beetle, and @Sasha2017 ! Enjoy your trip down the rabbit hole that is BALG!


Thank you!



I’m Lahjar, though I introduce myself using my nickname “Li”.

To encourage you all to visit my profile at your leisure, I’ll leave the basics here.

Interests: Astral, Chaos, Black, and Afro based practices such as Quimbanda. Also, anything that calls for the use of candles, incense, and other materials such as bones, dirt, etc.

I’ve recently decided to fully devote my life to music and the occult (with a fixation on befriending demons, and exploring the astral realm). I aim to embrace the Heretic I know I am, and go forth both into this mundane world, and the unknown with the intensity that I exude.

My current struggles are connecting with others with an interest in magic, especially of the natures I’ve mentioned above. I think all sorts of magics are neat, but they are the ones I am most attracted to. This brings me to my next vice; there are so many areas to study that I often find myself caught in a stasis, not knowing where to start or end, or which establishments are most reputable and resourceful!. Lastly, and most certainly not least, my inabilities to focus is most definitely my biggest vice. I’m always thinking of the past, or what I need or should do next. If that is not happening, then there is music playing in my head. Something I’ve heard before or have been listening to as of late.

Glad to be here!



hi me name is gintautas (it’s in Lithuanian lang.)

i wanted to start in black magick but don’t know form which direction I should start
and im open on suggestions


Welcome to the forum Morgana, well done on your brilliant efforts.:metal:


I’m Andrew. I’m most experienced in direct magic, most interested in evocation, invocation, maybe a bit of provocation if it comes down to it :yum:

My biggest hurdle at the moment is that I don’t know what direction to take my practice. I’ve been practicing for eleven years, started to hit a wall in my progress a long time ago, eked out some advances here and then since, but I haven’t really felt like I’ve grown much in a long time.

I think a large part of it is that I came to magic from a very direct approach. Basically New Thought, I didn’t even acknowledge that magic was a thing for several years after I started practicing. Even then I was pretty leery about a lot of the more ritual stuff as I took it to be either more optional or a crutch. Then I entered into actual magic through the Chaos system, which is still pretty unstructured and lacks a lot of direction. While dealing with spirits and systematic traditions did provide some seriously impressive results, they weren’t the sort of things that I really cared about so they took a backseat till now. It’s only now that I’m really taking them all that seriously, but I don’t quite know what to do, and I don’t want to spread myself too thin by going after everything. One of the bigger challenges is that sometimes I will have achieved one of the more advanced goals without having met the lower rungs of a system’s advancement, which I guess means I need to work on my fundamentals, but also that the impetus and motivation for it is kind of lacking.


You have lots of power you wield.


A very warm welcome to the forum KittyKat, i hope you will have great success with Duke Sallos.:rose::black_heart:


Hi guys,

My name is Karl and I am from Canada, I am new in practicing magick, on and off I have been practicing wiccac but really became interested in the left hand path.

I am interested in knowing more about what working with demonic forces, having a healthy working relationship to help with my needs and the people I care about, and to help restore balance in this world.

So excited in joining this group.



That means a lot to me… But how do you see that? I was going to say “how do you know”, but it didn’t seem right… Please. I’d like to know your thoughts.


Greetings everyone.
I am not new here. I joined almost a year ago. But I have returned after a long and much needed grounding period. I am now ready to continue my works.