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Haha! Looks like it. Thank you Al. I am down south. 30 mins out of Melbourne, though quicker as the crow flies.


Aww, thanks buddy!


Welcome! And personally, I love the hat :slight_smile:


You can call me Bam or the username provided.
I’m an empath/eclectic witch. I’m mainly interested in conducting healings…with and without crystals. It brings me immense joy but they hit me really hard. I’m literally drained by conducting them. I could be wiped out for days cus of it. I also do Angel/candle/mirror magic.

On the other end, I have a huge fascination with chaos magic and voodoo.

I’m here cus I’m tired of feeling incomplete. Being weighed down by words from those that can’t possibly understand that I can’t honor my light without honoring my dark as well.

I want to learn how to embrace my darkness without being consumed by it.

I want more power so that I can do what I feel I was put on this earth to do. That is my struggle.


Practicing black magician thought it was about time I made an account on this forum. Qlippothic sorcerer and Brujo, Demon magick is where I excel
Nice to meet you all.

Ho Drakon ho Megas!


Hello everyone, my name is Sara. I’m not a very experienced mage and I’m still trying to figure out what magic styles resonate more with me. I have some experience with cermonial and divination, and I’m looking forward to discovering many more paths and meeting people that follow or practice other methods.

My main goal is to have contact with my higher self/hga and to align myself with it. Maybe it’s a very ambitious goal, but I’d like to be capable of destroying once and for all those aspects that create a distorted image of who I am (ego), and to reach that state of happiness and bliss that being aligned with your true will brings about, as well as inspiring and helping others on their path.


Hi I’m Lisa and I’m currently researching Dantalion and thinking about contacting him but this is my first time so I’m trying to learn all I can first. I’ve always had a sort of tugging toward this world and always ignored it for the most part. I’m now at a point in my life where I’d like to see what it’s about and where it will take me.


hi, my name is Hamed i don’t believe in magic but i like to learn about it if it’s real.
my current goal is to do researchs and someday maybe i stop being an agnostic and be a believer!
my current struggle is to or not to contact to astaroth which i explained in my first post…


And when you will wonder why you see no resaults, come back here and read this :slight_smile:


It’s interesting because I’ve worked for the National Park Service for 22 years and I’ve never heard anything about missing people from within the agency. I know it’s happened but no one talks about it.


The hat is very cool! Keep it. You need no one’s approval but your own. Nice to meet you.


The same drawing happened to me earlier in the year while sitting in a Sunday morning church service. I just suddenly felt the need to leave. Within days this path opened to me and I didn’t understand either. I believe I was meant to think bigger than my church allowed or taught. This all happened after a long time of praying for God to show me what I was supposed to be doing with my life, and to help me not feel so powerless and without control of what was happening to me. Call me crazy, but I believe this was the answer.




Love the name Snarla. Cool!


My name is cameron but i go by mabuze or umbrael
• i like necromancy, draconic sorcery, lovecraftian sorcery, and shadowmancy
• my current goal is to go back to the umbra where i came from
• i currently struggle with mind mastery and enemy entitites


Hi Everyone!!! My name is Alexh. I joined a couple days ago. I have experienced many paranormal situations in my life. So I know there’s something else beside the material reality. I want to learn how to embrace and use all the knowledge that is available for us to use.!!!
I have read some very interesting topics, for example how to protect your house and yourself from negative energies, how to influence your future etc. Its awesome. Thanks for taking me in.


Hi! My name is Daniel. Im a newbie to magick. My current goals is to learn about love spell and also demon. My current struggles is to get a payback to my ex that have left me when I’m in the bottom of my life. Please guide me :pray:


Hello everyone.

I am Villanelle. I am interested in LPH magic and I have a strong interest in learning more about the Goetia.
I work with Lucifer and Bune mostly at the moment and have recently started to expand more and I have an interest in Hecate and look forward to learning more about her and eventually evoking her.
My current goals are to learn from books, people and other sources everything I can to progress n my path.
I currently struggling with a personal problem that I am looking for spiritual assistance with and it seems to be working well.
I struggle with strong PK energy and this seems to be getting stronger.This PK energy is spontaneous and uncontrollable and is like poltergeist activity I also struggle with energy drain for days after successful evocations, but I am happy that the spirits were successfully evoked and were present.


Hello, I’m Megumi. I started my journey with magic when I was 13 due to having a lot of jarring paranormal experiences and encounters with spirits that I’ve had since I was very small. I started off following Gardnerian Wicca but it didn’t mesh the best with me so, I ended up eclectic and then discovered Tarot and jumping on that hardcore. When I was 17 I was called into Voodoo and practiced pretty intensely until I was more or less told I couldn’t go any further because I had conquered my childhood fears of the dead and got all I needed to know. I am basically a Gray witch now with a strong root in Earth work. I work in balance and attune myself to both the dark and the light because you honestly can’t have one without the other. I still work primarily with Tarot.

I want to open myself back up after a years long bout with depression. I want to work with spirits again like I used to but I also want to create and make tools for others but I feel I can’t do that honestly until I really get my groove back so to speak. I’ve been taking steps to move forward and so far, I couldn’t be happier to be getting back in tune with my magical self. I also want to work with the Goetia and I have an intense desire to work with and learn from Stolas. I feel like I can enhance my practice with the knowledge he can impart on herbs so I can be more effective.


If your ex left you at the bottom of your life they dont deserve to exist in your presence