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That’s a cool ability. I can sense some people, some kinds of energy. I guess only when is too heavy(“evil”) or too light (really good person) though.

What you mean by “but… you’re potential”?

I’ve always thought that Olympus, Atlantis, Èden, etc were all the same place in a way. It’s our place of origin. You mean something like that?


I have a friend that’s similiar with you. She struggles a lot with this, cause if a person is sad she feels sad too… She say she feel her energy been drown a lot because of this ability.
I think every ability/power has its bad side. It’s life I suppose haha


Just don’t underestimate yourself… i don’t correlate with Artemis, but Diana I give my highest respect.


I am not human, I attract people with divine power, and dark energy. And often I can take divine power and use it as my own. My friend says I am overpowered, he thinks I might be a son of Gaea


Ok. Thank you very much. I’ve always felt more connected with Artemis. But I believe she’s connect somehow with Diana.


That’s sounds pretty cool and intense. Hope you figure it all soon too. :slight_smile:


Hi there. My name is Ann and I am a new magician. I am from Australia and started recently with Lucifer Amaymon. Previously I explored spirituality mainly on the right hand path, I persisted for many years searching on different pathways, however I didn’t find anything that truly resonated with me, in fact I would end up worse off than I was before and got disillusioned and basically gave up. Recently since watching EA’s videos, reading his books and starting to put things into practice, there have been some swift and powerful positive changes happening around here. Today I picked up a paint brush and started working with oil paints for the first time in decades. This is huge!!! So I’d like to thank EA Koetting from the bottom of my heart for whatever it is that’s shifting to the degree that I am painting again.


Good luck ann


Thank you Roger


Hi! My name is Adam and I’m not sure what kind of magic I’m interested in and that’s one of my current struggles. Thank you!


Hello! My name’s Snarla and I am new to this forum. I am a seeker of knowledge with an open heart and really enjoy delving into the origins of things… I am non practitioner and amateur scholar of the antediluvian period. I’ve thought long and hard about things like The Grigori, The Nephilim, The Book of Enoch, The Flood and the possible decimation of entire Ice Age Civilizations of humans and nephilim. I am not a Christian however, and sometimes struggle with placing many entities within that framework.

Full disclosure I learned of King Paimon via the movie Hereditary and that’s what eventually led to my discovery of this forum . I just want folks to know I’ve dispensed with all the movie tropes and misinformation and because of my existing interests mentioned above, learning more about this spirit was of particular relevance to me. Please see my post (sorry admins for jumping the gun) in the summoning King Paimon thread where I discuss this more in depth. I hope you bid me welcome and thank you.


Hello everyone, my name is Prakash.
For now, I just want a succubus to spend time with and love her. Later on I’ll be exploring everything.
Thank you for reading =]


I’m at a point in my life when i feel absolutely powerless to manifest anything i have desired. I’ve made much effort, but the only thing that seems to be improving is just being able to bang my head against the wall harder! Enough!

I recently left religion which in western theologies dictates the need to either beg and plea to a mysterious invisible being that may or may not be there, may or may not listen, and may or may not care. And in eastern doctrines, there is so little personality and too much “letting go” which i just couldn’t do.

I was recently diagnosed with Borderline - was having suicidal ideation and had a freak out after I just couldn’t succeed at getting what I felt i should have after much effort, toil and even some seeming progress, but everything came crashing back down again. I attribute my meltdown this to feeling utter powerlessness and defeat, so not sure if that diagnosis is accurate.

Im here because I am ready to begin to take control of my life, that in fact having control isn’t bad, that i don’t want to resign to “letting go” and instead want to grab onto the harness to finally manifest what i desire.

My rule of thumb is never to intentionally hurt another being.

If anyone cares to PM me, what I desire (and am not getting) is reunification with my boyfriend and eventual bonding of souls, marriage, kids. I would love advice on working with entities that specialize in rekindling love and attraction.



Ours is the active path. Theirs the passive path.



So, another bloody Aussie!
Welcome Sister! Welcome.
Which part? Me 90mins out of Sydney.



Hail Phi! Welcome!



Hi, just letting yall know right now im not good at talking about myself and english is not my first language
My name is Myn, im from sweden 23 years old. I have come to this forum because a spirit has contacted me and I want to learn more about it and the paranormal in general. Thats it lol


My name is C I am new here, my faith is Christian but I’m drawn to the occult always have been, I feel torn between both paths so I came here to get a better understanding plus I feel like I’m being called by one or a couple of the Goetia spirits and I’d like to know why.


Heyo, I’m ParagonSage91 (Real name is Bijan), I’m new to this forum and pretty new to the occult overall, been told I’m unusually open-minded, (which you would think I would have a lot of friends, but I don’t) so why not join a circle of unusual minds, who can make me feel at home among friends. So, I’m here because I wish to become a Sorcerer and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. So, yeah I’m seeking like-minded individuals and teachers who can show me how to become a living God! XD lol yeah, kinda gives you a hint of my true goals (Power!). My lineage is Persian, Scandinavian, and some Native American? Not entirely certain of how far my bloodline spread, but my mother did mention her families’ line is pretty much all over the place, but Dad says his line is Persian/Iranian and Dutch/Swedish Shrugs Yeah I’m a mutt, but hey at least I know why these faiths interest me: Zoroastrian, Norse Paganism, Wiccan, and Hermeticism.
Anyway, I’m currently looking into Conjurations, more specifically summoning Djinns and other spirits who could help me, become a sorcerer, and other spiritual and material gains, so if anyone can help me (or at least help me find alternative ways of gaining power) with this goal, please send me a line and who knows, maybe you can be my teacher (which is something I need, because it’s hard to describe my mystic side effects, or I think they are? I sometimes feel strange pulsing sensations from time to time), who can show the way to me. Anyway, glad to be a part of this forum, and here’s a pic:

And yes, I wear that hat all the time and get shit for it, but whatever, I feel awesome while wearing it.


Welcome to Wonderworld! :grin: