Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum


You are quite welcome A-Mischief! Have a great night!


Hey nick here looking forward to learn


I’m Nik and have only just recently been ‘pushed’ into taking on a new awareness of things that have always been palpable but peripheral. Circumstance and ‘coincidence’ joined forces to let me know, in no uncertain terms, “It’s Time”
Hello to everyone!


Hi, my name is Caroline. I’m very new to working with demons. I’ve been practicing Hoodoo for a few years now. I’m very drawn to working with Lilith and other demons. I’m here to get more knowledge about how to build a relationship, make a pact, and work with these entities


Thanks! My name is Adam. I am mindfulness praticioner and I study, by myself, jewish kabbalah. I don’t make distinction between white,red, or black magic. For me magic is one! I’m open to every suggestion.

Now I’m currrently practicing LBPR and Middle Pillar every day, and practicing meditation.

My purpose is to practice Solomonic magic and especially Goetia, but I don’t want to get in problems. For this reason I’ve subscribed Balg forum in order to find help by practicing and aged magicians. Thanks a lot for every suggestion!

Preparation to Goetia

Hello everybody, thank you for having me here.
I’m lorraine, 34 years old from the netherlands.
I hope to learn more and become stronger in magick.
I’m not good in this introducing myself, so feel free to ask anything you want to know.

New Magician Help

Hello! I’m very much new to occultism and magick. In fact, it is fair to say I was a pretty hard-line skeptic.

However, a little over two years ago events started to occur that have changed my world view significantly. Now I’m trying to find as much information as I can. But I’ve been having trouble developing any skills based on that knowledge. I’m hoping to find help exploring this new view and gaining the skills necessary to aid me.

I also just like making new friends too. Hopefully I’ll be a helpful member of this community.




I’m curious about dark magick but I’ve been studying white magick for 7years now.
I want to discover the difference.


Diana or Artemis? Hmmmm


Hello. My name is Marius.

Interested in magic since the universe forced me to walk the path of metaphysics.
Magic has completely changed my life or i completely changed my life with magic.
I am very thankful for E.As work and this forum so i thought i join this forum to have a talk with you guys.

Im 24 years old and from Germany.

Greetings :wink:




I can sense that you are of a part of the Roman moon sisters, you will find yourself soon. It is only your destiny, open your eyes.


Hi all! Just a quick intro here: I find magick fascinating simply because I think there’s more to life than just our physical existence. Hoping to learn more about it to help improve myself and others. Cheers!


Hello, I go by Phi for all things spiritual. I’ve been through many rough times in my life, from being homeless and ending up in jail to psych wards for “believing the unimaginable.” Yet I’ve never stepped down from my beliefs. I’ve recently started watching E.A Koetting, and thats what led me to this forum. It’s so nice to know there is a homely place for us all to talk, and learn. I still have much to learn, as I’m still new to actually calling upon the higher powers, I’ve done my research plenty but have little hands on experience.


Welcome to the forum @Phi and @tamatoa ! Enjoy the ride!


Artemis for sure. About Diana I still trying figure it out if they are the same. Therefore if would be Artemis/Diana.


Really? Are you sensitive or something like that? Can you tell me more? I’m really doubtful/confused about this. :slight_smile:
I appreciate you commentary.


Yes of course, first of all Diana and Artemis are different. I have a power. I can sense what I like to call, vibe or “energy” it doesn’t matter where the object or person is. I can see their energy, their power, and type of faction as well as potential. Just saying, I feel a lot of power from you… but you’re potential… it’s above any human understanding. You will play a vital role in the future of Olypmus.


Unfortunately this power has its defects… people with an energy or power that is not compatible with my origin, is instantly my enemy. I also carry the burden of seeing emotions. But only when in person