Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum


What about it?


Referencing a 900 dollar book on ebay?


Lmao no need to be hostile
Im a brother too
18 Flames


Then…brother i give you infernal head nod and a heart to heart


I’ve done and influenced many songs on 18 flames…of course 9 being the most highest personal divine…9 being the highest singular number


Im listening


And I ALL-WAYS pro-forth the highest singular divine in order to teach the rest, being the 9 then next 9…18…and of course we have the regular info flow of 3, 6, 9’s…So Respect


Number of the Beast is 9

666 is the formula

3 + 6= 9

Peace Brother :v:


It’s always more than that. Belial is a strong bro of mine. I’ve worked with the hardest to know currents that have separated myself too far from humanity. Of course, you got your 3…beginning, middle, and rebirth…or foundation/base…core…and crown…That is all well and fine…but what are we trying to reach? It’s always personal to each…I admit i might have been replying to someone asking me what was “regurgitated” and asking me to a magickla opposition. And it appeared you responded mostly to it.


It agitates the fuck outta me when they do that. Like,
“Bitch do you really think imma risk the wrath of the gods to use plagarized info?”


So i’m going to keep in tact plus retract that the first 3 letters of your name in resentment as both passive and aggressive due to my own personal issues, you…I deem knowledgeable and agreeable…but I will ALL-WAYS disagree and destroy the aspect of “michael”…even though I know your name does not mean that…


So…in kemetic love…RAH-Spect


Im way ahead of you there :joy:
Btw what currents have you worked with? :thinking:
Im working with some Obscure shit right now


Yes, sexy pics are required…no, the rule…lolz, jk. Welcome welcome


Hi, I am Jeff, from Michigan, and just recently got interested in “E.A. Koetting”, on YouTube, and found this forum. I am just a beginner here, and I am interested in the sexual part of exercising, but everything else too. Thanks for a forum, that is quite friendly, and lots of info. I have, for so much of my life, been sluggish, and I hope for ways out of that mess. Interested in Magick.


Tarot and astrology for me to :heart:


Hey what up peepz, am new to this magick stuff and am hoping you guys can help me. Im 20 and would like to prosper in life, family, happiness and wealth. My son will be born this month, and am lookiing forward to become a father and a husband to my babby mamis (:


A-Mischief, the ways to start on the left hand path or any path are as varied as the stars in the sky! You could research Crowley any of the Vedas in India that deal with Kali or Durja or just find videos of people channeling deities you are interested in. Might i suggest the rememberance that all knowledge from humans has a little bias and slant on how they want those reading or watching to feel. Your best way i feel is to research your deities and then contact them in perfect love and perfect trust as you grow a relationship with them and your own inner divinity you’ll know what to do and who to call on.


You know 🤦🏾 all they gotta go is block you or deactivate you. Why you hostile?


Thank you lucianne I appreciate the lead in direction!!